Level 2 Modules

The Lifeflow Level 2 Meditation course provides the next step in expanding your experience of meditation after completing the Learn to Meditate course. This course assumes all of the knowledge and experience from Learn to Meditate, and then develops key aspects in detail.

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What's covered in Level 2 Modules

Module 1 – Mindfulness Meditation

There is a lot more going on in our lives than what we think is happening! The principles of mindfulness meditation can be a powerful tool to develop an awareness of what is happening in your life at a physical, emotional and mental level. This awareness can lead to a sense of inner clarity and ability to engage with others more skillfully.

In this module we'll begin a systematic study of the development of mindfulness; beginning with the body and moving through to the mind itself. By learning to act mindfully and with awareness, a sense of freshness and clarity can pervade our lives. When the mind is clear, even an action as simple as breathing can be a source of joy.

In addition, we'll be working with and enhancing the Lifeflow Meditations learnt in the other modules and from the Learn to Meditate course.

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Module 2 – Deepening Stages of Meditation

This module focuses on developing an understanding of the various meditative states, from a light state of balance which can be developed and maintained in every day life, through to much deeper levels of meditation. We also look at the differences between when your mind is balanced and when you are caught in states of worry, anger, frustration etc. One of the aims of meditation is to learn to sustain being in a balanced state, so we explore in detail the qualities that go with this state.

In this module you can develop an understanding of the deeper experiences of meditation. This can give you the knowledge needed to be able to recognise these states for yourself and to learn to track your meditation progress.

In addition, we'll be working with and enhancing the Lifeflow Meditations learnt in the other modules and from the Learn to Meditate course.

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Module 3 – Life in Balance

Lifeflow Meditation can provide valuable techniques for learning to maintain balance in everyday life. In this module we’ll explore a range techniques and approaches that help with this.

One aspect of maintaining balance is learning to take responsibility for our own feelings; learning how to restore energy when we are drained. Understanding what is happening, and having the skills to work it is invaluable in maintain emotional health.

To maintain balance also means being able to alternate skilfully between being active and resting. Resting doesn’t just happen, it actually takes some effort! We’ll introduce a simple but surprisingly effective approach for making the most of the swings from being busy to being still.

In addition, we’ll cover practical tips on how to start your own practice of meditation, so you can learn to sustain deeper states by yourself, and we also provide some background about what happens on Lifeflow retreats, and how they help in maintaining balance.

Finally, we look at how meditation can be used in the process of making decisions; how you can bring the idea of balance into decisions, and learn to factor in emotional responses at the time of making a decision.

In addition, we'll be working with and enhancing the Lifeflow Meditations learnt in the other modules and from the Learn to Meditate course.

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Key Benefits

  • Cultivate the skill and art of Lifeflow Meditation.
  • Build on the practices of concentration and inner awareness learnt in the Learn to Meditate course.
  • All courses are led by highly qualified teachers - each teacher has at least ten years personal meditation practice.


Who is it for - prerequisites

This course is for students who have completed our Learn to Meditate course.


Claiming CPD points

Because so many psychologists were attending our courses we were asked to seek endorsement with the Australian Psychological Society. The APS replied. 'APS Members can accrue CPD points by participating in CPD activities they determine to be relevant to their individual professional skills, learning plans and goals. These do not need to be endorsed by the APS'. Applicable to Lifeflow courses and retreats.

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Deepen your meditation experience

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Lifeflow retreats

Lifeflow meditation retreat practice gives you time to rest, to restore your energies and the opportunity to let go of deadlines and busyness. You can learn to nurture yourself, restore a sense of balance and well-being, and open up to nature.

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Lifeflow membership

Lifeflow membership gives access to members-only classes and retreats, and provides the opportunity to build stronger connections with our teachers. Members are eligible for discounts on courses and retreats and borrowing rights to our library.

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Refresh and Restore

Tuesdays 6–7 pm
If you have just finished a Lifeflow course and would like a relaxation top up or if you missed a class during your course then come along to a Refresh and Restore session.

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