Mind Matters: The Neuroscience of Meditation

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Thursday 2 February 2017
Lifeflow Studio

6 pm start: Drinks & nibbles
6:30–7:30 pm: Presentation (Dr Dylan DeLosAngeles)
Cost $20.00

Bookings essential – limited seating available

Come along and hear about a pioneering study recently published by the Brain Research Laboratory (Flinders Medical Centre) in collaboration with Lifeflow. The deepening states of meditation were systematically examined using measures of brain activity (EEG), a world first. See a real-time demonstration using state-of-the-art wireless EEG technology to measure brain waves, learn about brain rhythms and how this study fits into current trends in the neuroscience of meditation.

To see the highlights and abstract of the thesis Electroencephalographic correlates of states of concentrative meditation on which this presentation is based click here.