Music, Mandala, Rhythm and Colour

A special concert and talk with Graham Williams

Stained glass mandala in a cathedral

Sunday 24 September
3 pm - 4.15 pm concert
Light refreshments served after

Lifeflow Studio


Join us for a piano recital performed by Lifeflow Director, Dr Graham Williams. Graham, a concert pianist trained in Paris, will present his ideas using images and music – a Spectacle sonore et lumineux.

Music is the language of emotion, the language of feeling. It plays directly on our bodies as well as our minds. It transports us to a world of colour, passion, peace, yearning and ecstasy – the highs and lows of emotional life. Meditation, too, embraces this world and provides the map and compass for understanding how it works.

Music and art have both changed over the centuries as our view of the world has changed, and this event will show how our world view has moved from seeing it as an all-inclusive mandala, to the view of the individual, and then back to a more inclusive view. You will see and hear these changes, in the art of the Middle Ages, the music and art of the Renaissance, the Romantic era and the modern world. Musical illustrations include Bach, Beethoven, Liszt, Debussy, Stravinsky and Messiaen.

Graham continues to teach music to graduate university students and his past students include Bonnie Brown, Coady Green, Ashley Hribar and Darcy Callus, all who have performed for Lifeflow.

This is possibly Graham's last public performance. Not to be missed!


Graham Williams music bio