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How we operate

Objectives of the Lifeflow Meditation Centre

The Lifeflow Meditation Centre is a wholly Australian, non-profit, educational organisation. We maintain two retreat properties, Tara Hills, which is in the Adelaide Hills, and Kurlana, which is in the Riverland. We provide regular retreats for the public and members at Tara Hills, whilst Kurlana is reserved for advanced meditation retreats only. In addition we provide a full range of classes and courses at our City Studio throughout the year and Learn to Meditate and Level 2 courses in the greater Adelaide area.

The main objectives of the organisation are:

  • To alleviate mental and emotional conflict by providing the tools to integrate mind and
    body with clarity and love.
  • To promote the teaching, study and practice of meditation and its integration with everyday life
  • To establish and maintain high ethical and practical standards for the teaching of meditation
  • To develop the profession of meditation teaching by training teachers of integrity to a high standard of expertise.

How the Lifeflow Meditation Centre is managed

The Lifeflow Meditation Centre Incorporated is a non-profit incorporated association.

Click here to view our Constitution.

Anyone may apply to become a member of the Centre.

The Board of the Centre is responsible for the overall governance and direction of Lifeflow. The Board is made up of Members and (optionally) co-opted individuals. All Members are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting, where everyone has the opportunity to review the actions of the Board in the previous year. A financial report is tabled at Board meetings and at the Annual General Meeting.

In addition to the Board we have a number of position holders, including Librarian and Public Officer. These positions are undertaken on a voluntary basis by members of the Centre.

Day-to-day operations are the responsibility of the management team.

The Centre’s curriculum is regularly reviewed and updated by the Director of Centre and Director of Teaching, with input from the Centre’s teachers. All of the Centre’s teachers are required to follow the Teachers’ Code of Conduct.


The Centre is a non-profit association; as such the Association operates accounts solely for the maintenance and development of our properties and teaching resources plus payments for teachers and admin staff. A financial report is tabled at all Board meetings and at the AGM.

Many members donate considerable time and expertise towards running the Centre in acknowledgement for the enormous benefits that the Lifeflow practices have brought to their lives.

Annual Report

Teachers' Code of Conduct

All of the Lifeflow Meditation Centre teachers are required to follow the Teachers Code of Conduct as detailed below:

Here the “Centre” refers to “Lifeflow Meditation Centre Incorporated”; “Members” refer to members of the Association; “Teacher/Student relationship” as used below applies equally to the relationship between Teachers and Formal Students as well as between Lifeflow Teachers and members of the public attending our classes, retreats or private sessions.

Consistent with the Centre’s Code of Ethics, Teachers are to act in accordance with the following code:

  1. The personal behaviour of Teachers must be such as shall not bring discredit to the Centre or to fellow Teachers and Members.
  2. Teachers will not undertake work beyond their capacity or competence and will protect and enhance the dignity and integrity of the Centre in its Objects, and the work of meditation.
  3. Teachers will distinguish clearly between statements and actions made as private individuals and as Teachers or Members of the Centre.
  4. Teachers will not exploit Teacher/Student relationships for personal gain or profit and will not:
    • Use a Teacher/Student relationship to create a sexual relationship; or
    • Use a sexual relationship to create or foster a Teacher/Student relationship.
  5. Teachers will not under any circumstances enter into or maintain a sexual relationship with a Student during the continuance of a Teacher/Student relationship. In the event that a sexual relationship arises between a Teacher and Student, the Teacher shall immediately cease teaching the Student and transfer the Student to another Teacher.
  6. Teachers will not practice, condone, facilitate, or collaborate with any form of discrimination on the basis of race, colour, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, marital status, political persuasion, or other condition or status.
  7. Teachers will treat their colleagues and Students with respect, courtesy, fairness and good faith. Grievances will be dealt with by way of Grievance Procedures (available on request from the Centre).
  8. In the first instance Teachers shall bring grievances between Teachers to the Director of Centre and Teaching Committee, the Chair of which shall immediately notify the Chair of the Board.
  9. If the grievance is between a Teacher and a Member, then the Teacher shall notify the Director of the Centre and the Chair of the Board of its existence.
  10. Teachers will respect the privacy rights of Students and Members and the confidences shared by colleagues in the course of their relationships and transactions.
  11. Teachers will be responsible and vigorous in discussion and critical review of themselves and their own and others work.
  12. Teachers shall be bound by both legal and ethical aspects of confidentiality.

Your privacy

Any information collected about members or students attending Lifeflow courses and retreats remains strictly confidential with the Lifeflow Centre. No personal information is disclosed to any third party organisations or individuals. If you require access to your information, please contact us.

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Our teachers

Our teachers

We have highly qualified and experienced meditation teachers at all courses and retreats, each with a minimum of ten years training with Lifeflow.
Discover more about membership ...

Discover more about membership ...

If you are looking to go further with meditation then membership is for you. Enjoy benefits including 10% discount on all courses and retreats, borrowing rights to our library, members only classes, retreats and more.
Member's retreats

Member's retreats

Members' retreats build on what is covered in our public retreats and then take the practises to a much more advanced level.