Dr Graham Williams

Graham Williams - meditation teacher

Dr. Graham Williams is the Founder and Director of Lifeflow. He trained in the Tibetan and Burmese Buddhist meditation traditions, and has over 35 years of teaching experience with local, interstate and overseas students. Graham is a concert pianist and scholar who taught piano students at Adelaide University for over 20 years; he still teaches privately. He is also an adjunct lecturer at Flinders University in the School of Medicine.

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Margie Strathearn

Margie Strathearn - meditation teacher

Margie has been a yoga practitioner since 1979 and a teacher since 1982. In 1984 she studied with BKS Iyengar in Pune, India and ran her own yoga academy for over 15 years. Margie teaches yoga classes at the studio and on retreats. She has also completed Certificate in Meditation Teacher Training Levels 1 and 2 and regularly guides meditations.

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Robyn Walden

Robyn Walden - meditation teacher

Robyn Walden has been a member of Lifeflow since 1981. Robyn teaches the Learn to Meditate and Level 2 courses, takes occasional workplace sessions and also weekend and 7-day retreats.

She has completed a year-long retreat and regularly devotes two to three weeks each year to retreat work. Robyn established and still manages the library at the Lifeflow Studio.

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Nicole Powell

Nicole Powell - meditation teacher

Nicole began teaching meditation in early 2015 following ten years of training with Lifeflow. She currently teaches the Learn to Meditate course and Meditation for Children. Nicole finds the skills acquired through meditation invaluable in her daily life and is passionate about sharing those skills with others

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Ian Nuberg

Ian Nuberg - meditation teacher

Ian has regularly practiced meditation since 1973 studying in both Indian and Tibetan traditions including a year retreat in 1980. He has been an active member of Lifeflow since 1999 and a meditation teacher since 2009. He also lectures and researches in agricultural science at the University of Adelaide.

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Janine Koch

Janine Koch - meditation teacher

Janine has been an active member of Lifeflow since 1992 and a teacher since 2012. She has practised meditation for 30+ years, studying with both Buddhist and secular teachers. Janine completed a year-long retreat and undertakes regular retreat work. She teaches the Learn to Meditate course and on weekend retreats, and has a long history of work within the social services sector.

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Gretta Koch

Gretta Koch - meditation teacher

Gretta began teaching with Lifeflow in 2005, has completed a year-long retreat and undertakes regular retreat practice. She currently teaches Level 2 courses and weekend retreats. Gretta also works as a Marketing and Communications Officer for a not for profit nature foundation and completed a PhD in ethnographic research within the field of meditation.

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Catherine Gasmier

Catherine Gasmier - meditation teacher

Catherine joined the Lifeflow teaching team in 2014. She currently teaches the Learn to Meditate course and weekend retreats. Catherine ran a commercial photography business for 25 years before beginning a new cycle as an invaluable member of the Lifeflow Studio team. During that time she found the tool of meditation incomparable to enhancing creativity, managing the pressures of work life and finding a deep sense of wellbeing. Catherine gains great satisfaction in giving back to the community of meditators that helped shape much positive change and growth.

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Ben Dollman

Ben Dollman - meditation teacher

Ben has been a meditation practitioner for more than fifteen years and this experience has shaped his commitment to meditation being an integral part of life. In Ben’s work as a professional violinist and teacher he has been able to use many Lifeflow skills, and is passionate about helping people to enhance their own lives through meditation.

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Ann Calvert

Ann Calvert - meditation teacher

Ann joined the Lifeflow teaching team in 2000 after ten years meditation training, a year-long retreat and 20 years of yoga practice. She undertakes ongoing retreat work and professional development, particularly in the area of emotional wellbeing. Her current role as Lifeflow’s Executive Operations Manager provides her plenty of opportunity to put the teachings into practice.

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