Brilliance & Energy Jazz Concert

Brilliance and Energy!

featuring guest vocalist LAUREN HENDERSON

Sunday 28 August, 3–4 pm
Lifeflow Studio

Thrill to the music of up and coming young jazz pianist and composer ANDREW CASEY featured with his fabulous five-piece band 5 SIDED CUBE. 

Featuring guest vocalist LAUREN HENDERSON

Growing up in a musical family on the banks of the Murray River, Andrew Casey is an accomplished pianist and composer based in Adelaide. Andrew performs a diverse range of music including jazz, Latin and other contemporary forms of music and has a particular interest in the music of Frank Zappa.  His debut album of original music with his own band 5 Sided Cube is set to be released later this year.  Andrew is constantly striving to fulfil his creative potential as a musician—please enjoy this concert as the latest manifestation of his striving.  

Just to show he can play more than jazz he will also perform Debussy’s tour de force—Toccata, a stunning virtuoso piece of piano music.

Not only is Andrew one of the most brilliant pianists of his generation, he’s also a lyrical composer and beautiful arranger.’
Mark Ferguson, Head of Jazz Elder Conservatorium

Lauren Henderson

The concert will also feature acclaimed vocalist Lauren Henderson—singer, composer, actor and teacher. Some of our members may remember her amazing voice from Lifeflow’s Female Fireballs concert in 2013. She won the National Jazz Awards in 2020 and has performed with Robyn Archer, Anna Goldsworthy and The Lost and Found Orchestra . Lauren is currently teaching in the Jazz School at the Elder Conservatorium.

A voice to watch for.’
The Advertiser


Sunday 28th August, 3–4 pm

Refreshments will be served after the concert.

General admission – $40
Members – $36

Lifeflow Studio
8/259 Glen Osmond Rd, Frewville
Plenty of onsite parking available

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