Believing is Seeing

blog believing is seeing

Consider this: you’re in a crowded area and completely miss a close friend or family member? Or looking for that kitchen utensil – impossible to find in the drawer – then it appears five minutes later when you weren’t looking for it? Why do you not see what’s in front you at times? But, are you ever seeing what is in front of you, or are you simply seeing your expectations of what’s in front of you? This question is central to the idea of Predictive Processing …

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Embracing anger as my super power

lifeflow blog embracing anger

When I was younger I could put holes in walls throwing furniture and break glass with my fists. I am intimately familiar with every shade of anger ranging from mild irritation and a subtle sense of dissatisfaction through to raging tsunamis that have sent my body into convulsions. How does anger help me?

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I’m feeling down, can meditation help?

lifeflow blog feeling low

You bet! The good news is meditation is one of the most effective tools for restoring our physical and emotional wellbeing – and most importantly helping us to actually feel better.
At Lifeflow, the way we teach meditation starts from the ground up.

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How I learned to love walking meditation

lifeflow blog learning to love walking meditation

Walking meditation is highly regarded in the Buddhist meditation tradition and it partners wonderfully with formal sitting meditation practice. By alternating sitting and walking you can relieve tiredness and restlessness and make use of a natural activity to enhance mindfulness.

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Seeing instead of just looking

lifeflow blog seeing instead of just looking feature

When we look at something we don’t realise that we are bringing all sorts of assumptions to bear on it. So that what we see is already shaped and coloured by what we believe about it. Because of this, more often than not, we don’t see what is actually there.

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Introducing Peppertree

lifeflow blog introducing peppertree retreat walk

The natural environment is an important part of the meditation tradition. Being in and around nature can teach us a lot about observation, cycles, the interdependence of all forms of life and the need to nurture not only ourselves but the environment around us. Lifeflow has a long history of supporting and working with the natural world.

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Health and Meditation

lifeflow blog health and meditation feature

Being able to develop and maintain emotional and mental health has long been the hallmark of meditation, but meditation is increasingly being recommended to help with managing many of the physical health problems that have become endemic today such as pain management, addiction and cardiovascular issues. The key to these physical benefits is a state of deep relaxation, which can keep your body healthy and balanced and can help to heal when you are sick as well.

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Finding an Ocean of Calm and Contentment when Living Alone

lifeflow blog meditation living alone contents

Living alone presents several challenges. When we are able to enjoy the company of family and friends, go to work or participate in a range of activities, these challenges may not be so noticeable. When, however, we are unable to be in contact with others, maybe due to health reasons or are isolated as many have been during the Coronavirus epidemic, the sense of isolation looms large.

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The Luminosity of Love

lifeflow blog luminosity of love

Being open to everything, being receptive to everything in yourself and the world, is the essence of love. You discover that love is actually a decision – not just a feeling. It is something you can practice, and so you can learn to sustain a state of love in the same way that you can learn anything else. It doesn’t have to be left to chance.

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