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Every time I go on retreat, I am reminded of why I keep doing it 20 years on and how necessary it is for keeping balance in life. It always feels like the highest form of sanity to rest and restore deeply at all levels. For me there is no greater content than this experience of being an inseparable part of the environment.

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How I Developed Single Pointed Concentration

single pointed concentration meditation

Have you ever struggled to maintain focus when you meditate? It is extremely common – they don’t call it the monkey mind for no reason. In this blog I share my experiences of learning to concentrate in a receptive (open) way and developing stillness.

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Enlightened Leadership

blog enlightened leadership

What is it that separates good, great, and transformative leaders? Is this something that can be learned, and what do mindfulness and meditation have to do with this? It turns out, according to the Harvard Business School, quite a lot.

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Floating in the Sea Spot Meditation

floating in the sea spot meditation

Next time you are at the beach you might like to try this lovely spot meditation. It works well in the early mornings on a warm day when the ocean is still with a gentle swell. But it can be done at any time of day if the sea is not rough.

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How different meditations suit different people

How Different Meditations Suit Different People Blog Lifeflow 3

You would expect a tradition that understands people and the human mind to be very accommodating when it comes to differences. And it is. Many people, however, have struggled for years with meditation, finding it difficult or even impossible to meditate. Often they were told that it was difficult. The reason is quite simple. They have been struggling with a type of meditation which doesn?t suit them. Meditation is easy when you find the one that suits you …

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The Life of Lifeflow

The Life of Lifeflow 40 years Cake

Lifeflow Founder and Director, Dr Graham Williams shares the story of Lifeflow’s 40 years. From a share house in Evandale with a handful of students to an established Centre with a strong membership, 12 teachers, a 5 year curriculum and teaching thousands of people to meditate. Happy Birthday Lifeflow!

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Relaxed, calm and clear

Relaxed Calm Clear Meditation Blog

Are you caught up in the frenetic business of everyday life? Would you like to be free of distraction and be able to concentrate easily? Do you dream of being relaxed, calm and clear in your thinking? Then consider meditation.

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Believing is Seeing

blog believing is seeing

Consider this: you?re in a crowded area and completely miss a close friend or family member? Or looking for that kitchen utensil ? impossible to find in the drawer ? then it appears five minutes later when you weren?t looking for it? Why do you not see what?s in front you at times? But, are you ever seeing what is in front of you, or are you simply seeing your expectations of what?s in front of you? This question is central to the idea of Predictive Processing …

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Embracing anger as my super power

lifeflow blog embracing anger

When I was younger I could put holes in walls throwing furniture and break glass with my fists. I am intimately familiar with every shade of anger ranging from mild irritation and a subtle sense of dissatisfaction through to raging tsunamis that have sent my body into convulsions. How does anger help me?

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I’m feeling down, can meditation help?

Lifeflow Blog Feeling Low

You bet! The good news is meditation is one of the most effective tools for restoring our physical and emotional wellbeing ? and most importantly helping us to actually feel better.
At Lifeflow, the way we teach meditation starts from the ground up.

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