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Retreat FAQ

Find out what to expect on a Lifeflow retreat, what to bring and all you need to know about retreat.

Learn to Meditate FAQ

Do I have to sit on the floor to meditate? What should I wear? Can anyone meditate? Find the answers to all these questions and more …

General meditation FAQ

Does meditation improve focus and concentration?
Is meditation good for creativity?
Is Lifeflow meditation any use in the real world or is it just an escape?

Has almost completely eliminated my insomnia. I am much happier and enjoying life more.
- Mary, Learn to Meditate course
Thank you so much for a life changing week at the retreat. I am still feeling the benefits and remain calmer than I have been in a very long time.
- Carolyn, 7-day retreat participant
Feel calmer, less overwhelmed when very busy. More aware of the ‘now’.
- Kris, Level 2 course
We received great feedback from the sessions. Even the most hardened anti-meditators were won over.
- Nina Lucas, Senior Learning and Development Officer, Marketing and Communications, Super SA
I feel calmer, more peaceful and more confident I can meet difficult emotions.
- Teresa, Learn to Meditate course
… Mindfulness and meditation [at Lifeflow] has truly transformed my life, more than anything I've ever encountered before. I am more confident, happier and healthier than I've ever been…
- David Trousdell, Head of an Independent Senior School (Adelaide)