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Coronavirus COVID-19 updates at Lifeflow

Lifeflow is now online and in person!

As of mid-June we are able to offer our popular retreats again. Term 2 classes are currently running online and we have an in-person Learn to Meditate course beginning June 25th.

We are also creating the option of joining an online on demand Learn To Meditate course – which will be available soon! Interested? Join the list here …

All of our in-person courses and retreats will be held with COVID-19 safety measures in place.

Book or find out more at our Courses home via this link. Or Retreats home via this link.

Thank you for your support during these challenging times and look out for our ‘soon to be updated’ information regarding Term 3 courses 🙂

How meditation can help

At Lifeflow, we believe that meditation and mindfulness are some of the most valuable skills that you can learn in times of uncertainty and risk. The government and health authorities are doing what they can to address the physical health impacts of Coronavirus. Meditation and mindfulness give you tools to address the mental health aspects. 

By meeting challenges from a base of calm and emotional resilience, you’ll be able to respond more effectively and be of greater assistance to people around you. This will benefit yourself, your family and our wider community.