Weekend and 7-day retreat bookings

Step 1 - if you are new to Lifeflow retreats

If it is your first time on a retreat, please ensure that you have familiarised yourself with our Retreat FAQ page. If you have further queries, please email us to find out more.

So that we can be prepared to make your retreat as rewarding as possible, once you have booked in we will be asking you to fill in our Pre-retreat Client Information form and email it back to us as soon as possible.

Click here to view the Pre-retreat Client Information form.

If you have booked into a double ensuite room, can you please ensure that your retreat companion fills in one of these forms too.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Step 2 - tick the box below to agree to online bookings terms and conditions (booking options will then appear)


I agree to the Lifeflow Retreat online bookings terms and conditions (required before you can make an online booking).


Step 3 - Book online below

To view weekend retreat bookings please tick/agree to terms and conditions above.

If there is no green 'BOOK NOW' button underneath the retreat you are interested in, either the retreat is fully booked OR your web browser is not compatible with the booking system. Please call or email if you have any queries and we can assist.

Please email info@lifeflow.com.au to be put on a waitlist.