Lifeflow mindfulness and meditation classes

We offer a range of meditation classes, courses and retreats throughout the year for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed or too reactive? Joining a mindfulness and meditation class will help you to become more aware and fully present, enabling you to engage in life more skillfully and with more joy. Learn practical and effective techniques that you can use anywhere.

If you’re new to mindfulness and meditation, try our Learn How to Meditate course, or if you’re ready to increase your skills try one of our more advanced meditation classes.

We also have Yoga classes, meditation for kids and Meditation and Mindfulness sessions for your workplace or school.

Learn How to Meditate

Meditation for Beginners – Learn How to Meditate – Meditation Class

Discover for yourself how easy it is to meditate, you can feel the benefits immediately. Three class formats to choose from: 6-week course, Weekend course and Summer School.

Learn to meditate classes

Level 2 – go deeper

Enhance your mindfulness skills in our Level 2 Meditation Classes

Extend your experience and understanding of Lifeflow meditation, building on the practices of concentration and inner awareness learnt in the Learn How to Meditate classes.

Level 2 course

Level 3 – integration

Learn how to integrate meditation and mindfulness into your life

Lifeflow Meditation is not just for being inside. Building on the knowledge and skills taught in Level 2, these classes will show you how to bring your meditation and mindfulness more fully into everyday life.

Level 3 course

Level 4 – advanced

Advanced Meditation Classes – Understand how your mind and body work together

Penetrate to the core of advanced Lifeflow meditation philosophy and directly see how your own mind works. Building on the Level 3 course, this advanced meditation class provides the maps, structures and knowledge to integrate the infinite nature of your mind with the finite nature of your body.

Level 4 course


Yoga for Meditation Class – Benefit your body mind and spirit

A non-competitive yoga class for all levels of experience – individual attention to honour your unique body.


Meditation for Kids

Children and teens can learn relaxation and mindfulness skills

Children can learn relaxation and mindfulness skills for relieving stress, managing emotions, improving focus and performance, enhancing creativity and building kindness for themselves and others.

Meditation classes for kids

Guided Meditation

class using guided meditation

All of our meditation classes and retreats feature guided meditations. They are integral to our interactive, student focused classes – allowing you to benefit immediately.

Guided Meditation

Meditation at Work

Stay focused and manage stress with meditation classes at work

Your staff can learn simple and effective techniques that can be used for staying focused, managing stress and remaining alert and productive in the workplace.

Meditation at Work

Meditation Teacher Training

Learn to teach meditation in our meditation teacher training classes

This Teacher Training program is suitable for health and human services professionals who would like to use mindfulness and meditation techniques as an adjunct to their work. In addition, there is Mindfulness Meditation training for School Teachers.

Meditation Teacher Training

Personal Consultations

Personal meditation consultations

If you want personal advice on using Lifeflow meditation in your life, then a Personal Consultation may be for you. You can also use these sessions to build up an ongoing dialogue with any of our experienced meditation teachers.

Personal Consultations

Graduate Member Seminars

Explore possibilities of further integrating meditation into life

Graduate Members’ Seminars are designed for students who have completed Level 4 or attended a minimum of four Level 4 modules. They provide a forum whereby members can explore ways of thinking about and integrating meditation into life; fully and consciously.

Graduate Member Seminars


Scholarships and concessions for meditation classes

A limited number of half fee scholarships for Learn to Meditate, the individual Levels modules and/or a Weekend Retreat are available for people with eligible concession cards.

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