Meditation for workplaces and schools

Bring the benefits of professional meditation to workplaces or schools with Lifeflow workplace sessions – reduced stress, clearer thinking and healthier employees. Custom designed by experienced presenters to meet the unique needs of your organisation.
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Meditation and mindfulness as offered by Lifeflow can:

  • Reduce the adverse effects of stress on the body
  • Enhance productive focus and handling of multiple tasks
  • Increase immune resilience and reduce severity of illness
  • Improve staff well-being with a skill set to help build resilience


Focused & productive

Stress levels down

Build resilience

Happier staff

Recent clients

Schools and Universities

University Senior College at Adelaide University
St Peters Secondary College
Charles Campbell Secondary School
Walford Anglican School for Girls
St Peters Girls School

Private companies

Challenger Gold Mines
Built Environs
Foster's Group
OZ Minerals
MBF Health Insurance


Crown Solicitors Office
Australian Government Solicitor
Australian Competition and Consumers Commission
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Australian Federal Police
City of Marion employee stress and help them think more clearly with meditation and mindfulness for the workplace

What others have said about Lifeflow Meditation training

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and professionalism in helping USASA deliver UniTopia.  All of your staff were exceptional and students had a wonderful time.

Rebekka Rechten, Activities Coordinator
University of South Australia Student Association

This staff group all participated in the introductory class John provided, and gave wonderful feedback – both in the exercises and in the manner in which John engaged with the group.

Elizabeth Tyson, Organisational Development Manager
Terandi Group

We received great feedback from the sessions. Even the most hardened anti-meditators were won over.

Nina Lucas, Senior Learning and Development Officer
Marketing and Communications, Super SA


I would also like to pass on some feedback that we think Lisa is fantastic and everyone here loves attending her sessions.

Julie Ellisdon, Assistant Crown Solicitor
Civil Litigation Section, Crown Solicitor's Office

I would like to pass on my profound thanks to you and the centre for guiding me on my journey with mindfulness and meditation. Since I did the first course in 2013, it has truly transformed my life, more than anything I've ever encountered before. I am more confident, happier and healthier than I've ever been, and feel that I've only just begun my journey with meditation.

David Trousdell, Head of Senior School (Independent)