Certificate in Meditation
– Teacher Training Level 2


This course builds on Certificate in Meditation – Teacher Training Level 1 by providing the deeper levels of knowledge and broader range of techniques needed as your experience of teaching meditation grows.
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This training has been designed to extend the skills, knowledge and repertoire of people who have had experience in teaching and guiding meditation. A particular emphasis is the use of meditation and mindfulness as therapeutic tools.

Certificate in Meditation – Level 1 emphasised principles for guiding meditation and introduced short, accessible meditation exercises. The Level 2 course aims to further develop your skills by exploring in detail several areas of fundamental knowledge, including:

  • the differences between meditation and mindfulness, particularly within the areas of therapy, personal development and spiritual growth, with an emphasis on applying these practices skilfully as therapeutic tools;
  • the relationship between meditation and mindfulness;
  • the use of suggestion when guiding meditation, how it works, and the different kinds of suggestion – all essential aspects of learning how to build your own style of guiding meditation;
  • how to lead skilfully a range of people in different situations and adapt your presentation of meditation and mindfulness accordingly;
  • understanding possible contraindications and ways of guarding against them to ensure your clients enjoy their meditation practice;
  • the role of embodying your own practice in your life and work.


Certificate in Meditation – Level 2 will also reinforce the importance of self-care, an essential element in successfully teaching meditation to others, and further develop the knowledge and skills to enhance this. We will introduce you to new meditation exercises, providing a chance to refresh your teaching and guiding skills, and also provide an opportunity for you to share your experiences in a supportive, open and understanding environment.

A complete training manual and set of prompt cards for new meditation exercises will be provided at the beginning of the course.


Completion of Certificate in Meditation – Teacher Training Level 1 is a prerequisite to enrol in this course. It is also anticipated you will have experience in teaching and guiding meditation and mindfulness exercises.

To get the full benefit of this training program we recommend you have attended or are currently attending our Level 2 Meditation course and have your own regular practice in meditation.

Course structure, assessment and certification

Beginning with a revision of core material from Certificate in Meditation – Level 1, this course further develops key areas meditation teachers will find essential in expanding their skills and knowledge base. Fundamental to this is an understanding of how meditation and mindfulness can be applied within different contexts.

Week 1Introduction to course
The differing contexts in which meditation can be applied
A detailed examination of mindfulness
The use and pitfalls of suggestion in guiding meditation – what to be aware of
Introducing new meditation exercises
Week 2What has worked, what hasn’t in guiding meditations
Contra-indications – how to protect your clients
Further developing the importance of self care and group care


During Week One training you will be given the text of a poorly-worded meditation. Drawing on your learning you will be required to submit a re-worded meditation text demonstrating understanding of appropriate suggestions used in guiding meditation. To complete this assessment project we ask that you also submit a link to a video with an audio presentation of you delivering your re-worded meditation. (This can be easily achieved with a smart phone and instructions on how to do this will form part of the course material.) We ask that the meditation is no longer than 10 minutes from start to finish. Final submission for this assessment will be five working days from completion of the course. We will provide written feedback within ten working days of receiving your project.

Once you have fulfilled the requirements of the course you will be awarded a Certificate in Meditation – Teacher Training Level 2.

Key information – 2019 intake

Dates and times:Friday 1 November, 9 am–4 pm
Friday 8 November, 9 am–4 pm

12 contact hours

LocationLifeflow Studio
8 / 259 Glen Osmond Rd, Frewville.
PrerequisiteCompletion of Certificate in Meditation – Teacher Training Level 1 course
Cost$430 inc GST / Lifeflow members receive 10% disc
Enrolments closeThursday 17 October 2019
Contact Lifeflow for further informationp: (08) 8379 9001
e: info@lifeflow.com.au

Please complete the following online form with any booking:

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How to pay

PLEASE NOTE: All payment options will require you to complete the enrolment form and email or post to Lifeflow, even online payments.

Online: select the Teacher Training Level 2 course when using the online booking system.

Phone bookings: call us on (08) 8379 9001 with your credit card details.

In person: you can enrol during office hours with cash or credit card. Mon–Thurs between 9:30 am–4:30 pm. Please bring your completed enrolment form with you when paying.

Places are limited so please enrol and make your payment early to avoid disappointment.


Bookings, cancellations and refunds policy – Certificate in Meditation training courses

  1. Bookings close 14 days prior to the course starting - book soon to secure your place.
  2. A $50 administration fee applies to all refunds given for any reason. Please direct cancellations and requests for refunds in writing to info@lifeflow.com.au
  3. No refunds will be given for cancellations less than 7 days prior to the course starting unless we are able to fill the vacancy created by the cancellation, in which event the $50 administration fee will apply.
  4. Lifeflow Meditation Centre reserves the right to cancel a course that does not have sufficient numbers, or in the event of unforeseen circumstances. An alternative course or full refund will be offered.


Is the Meditation Teacher Training course accredited?

Lifeflow is not a registered training organisation and therefore we do not offer accredited training. To our knowledge at this point in time, there are no accredited training courses in meditation within Australia.

The quality of our training rests on over 35 years of meditation teaching experience and the skills and knowledge of our teachers.

Senior Lifeflow teachers will be facilitating this course – all are members of Meditation Association of Australia Inc (MAA).



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