Mindfulness meditation training for school teachers

This course begins by giving teachers a clear understanding of mindfulness, how it works and how to use it successfully within their classrooms. It then covers the general principles for guiding meditation and mindfulness exercises.
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Content and outcomes

The practical training equips teachers to teach several 20 to 30 second mindfulness techniques which students can use at any time during the day and in their study, as well as leading two longer group meditations of 7 to 10 minutes. The short mindfulness meditations are easy for students to do and all of the meditations are designed as helpful strategies to complement the work of teachers. They can be used with your students to provide them a way to quickly relax and calm their minds. The range of exercises have been suitably adapted, in wording and length, for children.

The course provides training that enables teachers to guide and teach meditation within a school setting, allowing students to experience a calm and balanced state they can access when needed, helping them with their physical, emotional and mental well-being. This helps to create the environment for students to learn quickly and effectively within the school setting. Teachers are provided with a comprehensive training manual and easy to use ‘reminder’ cards of all mindfulness exercises.

Feedback from earlier courses

One of the most useful PD’s I have ever attended. The goal was to be able to run a meditation for the beginning of my R.E. classes. I now use it for other classes and for myself as well.

Mark de Garis, Teacher

This has been one of the most valuable professional learning experiences that I have attended. I have gained a better understanding of the philosophy and practice of meditation that I have been able to share with my students in a confident manner and that has been extremely well received by students.

Helena Sobulis,
Deputy Principal

I am a chaplain at a private school and this training has given me the appropriate skills in learning to lead meditation with students, which is beneficial to their personal growth.

Rev. Tracey Gracey, Saint Chad’s Anglican Church

Course structure, assessment and certification

Lifeflow will work with your school to determine the most suitable structure for training. There are six training hours in total, and they may be split into two 3-hour sessions or even shorter sessions as appropriate.

During the last session teachers will be required to guide a short meditation in front of the group and this will form the basis of the practical assessment. The criteria for assessment includes: self-preparation, fluency, pacing, maintaining a light meditative state and maintaining contact with the group.


PrerequisiteThere are no prerequisites for this course; however, familiarity with meditation as a relaxation technique would be useful.
DatesCourse dates and structure to suit school
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