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Lifeflow mindfulness & meditation courses

Looking for ways to chill out and handle the stresses in life?

Or looking for a rich body of knowledge that explores things like mindfulness, neuroscience and decision making within the context of the meditation tradition?

Lifeflow offers something for everyone. We’ve created a curriculum that is easy to digest, simple to apply and best of all … it works.

We’ve taught thousands of students how to live more aware, meaningful and healthier lives. You can benefit too.

New to meditation?

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All you need to learn the skill of meditation PLUS tools for emotional well-being and joy. For beginners and experienced meditators. This course doubles as the foundation for the Levels program and Lifeflow Teacher Training.

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Enrich your whole life with meditation tools for living well. Three courses available – Mindfulness Meditation, Deepening Stages of Meditation and Wellbeing & Resilience. Extend your experience gained in the Learn to Mediate course.


Evidence-based research has discovered the ingredients for establishing wellbeing, resilience and leading a fulfilling and meaningful life. Explore these in detail over a series of eight modules. Be supported as you learn to integrate this knowledge and related practical tools into your daily life.


Combining the complementary aspects of Eastern and Western culture in a uniquely Australian, approachable and jargon free curriculum. Study in depth the highest levels of philosophy, psychology and meditation practice derived from the Buddhist tradition, combined with the philosophical and psychological knowledge of Western culture.  

Has almost completely eliminated my insomnia. I am much happier and enjoying life more.
- Mary, Learn to Meditate course
Less angry when stressed.
- Peter, Learn to Meditate course
Calmer, more equanimeous, less tension, less reactive to stress, happier 🙂 The teacher is a great facilitator and guide.
- Student, Learn to Meditate course
Increased cognition and memory and increased focus.
- Sam, Learn to Meditate course
I feel calmer, more peaceful and more confident I can meet difficult emotions.
- Teresa, Learn to Meditate course
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