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Come & try meditation

Experience the benefits of mindfulness and guided meditation in our free and friendly come & try sessions.

come and try!

Curious about meditation?

If you’ve never tried meditation before or you’re just curious about what it is and how it might help you, these sessions are perfect for you! No previous experience is required – just come along to a session and take home a feeling of calm plus some practical meditation techniques you can use straight away.

Session overview

During the session, one of the Lifeflow teachers will talk briefly about what meditation and mindfulness is and explain how you can benefit from it. Then we’ll jump straight into guiding you through some short ‘spot’ meditations and also give you a taste of a deeper meditation.

A great introduction to how Lifeflow teaches meditation in the Learn to Meditate Course – experience calm and relaxation for yourself.

Kids’ come & try

There’s also a free session each term for children (6–10 years). Bring your children along to meet the teacher and give them a taste of Meditation for Kids. Book your session below.

Has almost completely eliminated my insomnia. I am much happier and enjoying life more.

- Mary, Learn to Meditate course

Less angry when stressed.

- Peter, Learn to Meditate course

Calmer, more equanimeous, less tension, less reactive to stress, happier 🙂 The teacher is a great facilitator and guide.

- Student, Learn to Meditate course

Increased cognition and memory and increased focus.

- Sam, Learn to Meditate course

I feel calmer, more peaceful and more confident I can meet difficult emotions.

- Teresa, Learn to Meditate course

Come & Try schedule

February – March 2020

July - children's session

Children’s Come and Try (6–10 years)

If you have any questions just call or email us and we can help.

Please let us know you’re coming. Just click on the relevant session button and tell us your name and how many people will be attending.

Whatever you feel comfortable in. We’ll be seated in chairs to meditate and doing some simple physical movements to relax your body. If you’re coming straight from work, it’s fine to come along in work clothes. If you’d like to change we have facilities available.

Certainly! If you both decide to book into a Learn to Meditate course at the same time you will receive a 10% Friend’s discount.

If your child is in Year 11 or above the class will be suitable for them. If your child is younger we have a specialised Meditation for Kids class and a free Come and Try session tailored just for them.

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Meditation retreats

Meditation retreats

Throughout the year we offer a range of high quality weekend retreats at Tara Hills Retreat Centre, which is only 45 minutes drive from Adelaide.
Learn to meditate course

Learn to meditate course

Learn simple, effective techniques for bringing calm and balance into your everyday life.
Our teachers

Our teachers

We have highly qualified and experienced meditation teachers at all courses and retreats, each with a minimum of ten years training with Lifeflow.