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Guided meditation

Guided meditations are the easiest and quickest way to learn how to meditate. Using a series of simple verbal instructions, a qualified teacher guides you into a meditation, leads you through it and then brings you out at the end.

You can safely and easily experience deep states which calm your mind and relax your body, and afterwards check your experiences with the teacher.

All our meditation classes and retreats feature guided meditations. They are integral to our interactive, student focused classes – allowing you to benefit from the depth of knowledge of all of our teachers.

Experience a guided meditation now with our Learn How to Meditate classes.

come and try!

How does a guided meditation work?

In general, a guided meditation can range from a few minutes up 25 minutes duration. All of them follow the same basic outline:

  • Some gentle physical loosening to help relax any muscle tension
  • Resting into a comfortable position either lying down or seated
  • The teacher will then use simple verbal instructions to guide you into the meditation. Over the years we have built up a repertoire of approaches that allow anyone and everyone to easily settle into deep states.
  • The teacher will continue to guide everyone through the meditation helping them to become fully present with their body, thoughts and surroundings. This brings a strong sense of relaxation and calmness and gives your busy mind the rest that it needs.
  • We’re careful to make sure that everyone has properly come out of the meditation – you won’t be left stranded!

Through the entire guiding process our teachers are meditating as well.

They have been trained to be able to rest deeply into the meditation, but also to be able connect with the group as they are guiding. This is a skill we teach in our teacher training program.

Ann Calvert - meditation teacher

Lifeflow teachers

We have highly qualified and experienced meditation teachers at all courses and retreats, each with a minimum of ten years training with Lifeflow.

Where can I experience a guided meditation?

We recommend everyone begins with our Learn How to Meditate classes which is predominantly taught through guided meditations.

Or if you would like a drop in 30 minute meditation class at a time to suit you, join us for Refresh.

Alternatively, you may like to get away and fully immerse yourself on one of our Meditation Retreats.

We also use guided meditations throughout our Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 courses.

Has almost completely eliminated my insomnia. I am much happier and enjoying life more.
- Mary, Learn to Meditate course
Less angry when stressed.
- Peter, Learn to Meditate course
Calmer, more equanimeous, less tension, less reactive to stress, happier 🙂 The teacher is a great facilitator and guide.
- Student, Learn to Meditate course
Increased cognition and memory and increased focus.
- Sam, Learn to Meditate course
I feel calmer, more peaceful and more confident I can meet difficult emotions.
- Teresa, Learn to Meditate course

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