Learn to meditate course

Learn to meditate course

Looking for ways to chill out and handle the stresses in life?

Meditation and mindfulness for modern life

Everything you need to learn the skill of meditation PLUS tools for emotional well-being and joy. For beginners and experienced meditators alike.

next course starts Thursday 12 Sept

What you will learn

  • All you need to know about meditation and mindfulness to get started.
  • Learn how to calm your busy mind – quickly and easily.
  • Tools to take charge of your emotional wellbeing.
  • Find more joy and contentment day to day using informal meditations.
  • Find your ‘go-to’ meditation that’s a perfect fit for you.
  • Support each week – have your questions answered and be guided by someone who lives it.
  • Take control of your busy life – learn skills to clear the mental and emotional clutter.

Class format

The ‘how to meditate’ course builds on what you learn from week to week in a relaxed, informal environment. 

Classes are offered in 3 different formats, so you can choose an option that fits with your schedule.

  • 6 week course
    Six classes, once per week, each of 1½ hours’ duration.
  • Weekend Sunday course
    Two classes over two consecutive Sunday mornings, each class 3½ hours’ duration. Morning tea is included. Currently running in April and November.
  • Summer School course
    Six classes, twice per week (Mon and Tues pm), each class 1½ hours’ duration. Runs yearly in early January.

Course fee

$195 inc GST
Concession: $170 inc GST

Book with a friend and save 10%see below for details

Course fee includes:

  • Lifeflow’s detailed meditation text – Life in Balance (valued at $25).
  • Weekly emails with a summary of the theory for that class, plus links to online meditations so you can practise the meditations at home, or anywhere.
  • All sessions led by highly qualified teachers, all with at least 15 years of meditation training with Lifeflow.

Upcoming how to meditate courses

Frewville – Lifeflow Studio, 8/259 Glen Osmond Rd

If you introduce a new friend to one of our Learn to Meditate courses (i.e. someone who hasn’t previously done the Learn to Meditate course), then both of you receive a 10% discount. To be eligible for this discount the two of you must book and pay at the same time. Not valid with other discounts.

The concession rate is available for people who currently hold one of the following:

  • Full time student card
  • Health Care card
  • Pensioner Concession card

Please present your concession card when starting a course or when booking in person.

Are you a full-time tertiary student, Health Care Card recipient or have a Pensioner Concession Card? Love meditation, or want to try it, but a bit strapped for cash? Find out more …

Because so many psychologists were attending our courses we were asked to seek endorsement with the Australian Psychological Society. The APS replied, ‘APS Members can accrue CPD points by participating in CPD activities they determine to be relevant to their individual professional skills, learning plans and goals. These do not need to be endorsed by the APS’. Applicable to Lifeflow courses and retreats.

It is your responsibility to attend the classes as scheduled. If you cancel your booking five clear working days before the course starts, we will give you a full refund less a $25 admin fee. We cannot provide a refund after this time unless the course is cancelled, in which case a full refund will be given.

What you will get out of this course

This comprehensive course is full of tips and techniques to manage modern life and also serves as the foundation for our entire curriculum. Continue on from Levels 2 to 4 as far as you wish – or train to guide others with our teacher training courses.

Do you have prior experience? Start here – Learn to meditate is a prerequisite for any of the Lifeflow meditation courses and Teacher Training. Lifeflow’s unique Australian form of meditation and 35 years of teaching will bring additional depth to any established practice.

What kind of meditation is best for you?

Everyone is different, everyone has their own challenges …

This is why at Lifeflow we teach you the whole range of different types of meditations available – so you can find the ones that work for you. Life is also very busy, so we teach a range of short and quick mindfulness exercises that are quick and easy to do.

Simple & practical meditation and mindfulness

Stress is fast becoming the major health issue in our modern world. Head full of thoughts, life full of to-dos, not enough sleep, it can all get too much…

The Lifeflow technique has been refined over 35 years to bring the skill of meditation and mindfulness to everyone in a practical, down to earth, uniquely Australian method. With the guidance of one of our experienced teachers you can learn to take charge of your mental health and wellbeing, with tips and tools that are immediately applicable to your daily life.

Manage stress, anxiety, improve your sleep, calm your mind and relax your body.

Do any of these sound like you?

“I tried to meditate once but I couldn’t stop thinking”

This is a game changer … listen up everyone … you don’t have to stop your thoughts. This is often a barrier to people trying meditation or trying and thinking they’ve ‘failed’. You have our total permission to think! You’ll learn the way your mind naturally works and a simple four step technique to allow it to naturally settle. Say goodbye to mental clutter.

“I can’t sit cross legged”

No problem! We teach meditation sitting in chairs as that’s how most of us are used to sitting every day. If you’re really tired we have mats and pillows that you can totally chill out on. Relax, relax, relax … if you want to meditate on a stool we have those too. Something for everyone, your comfort is key.

“I meditate when I’m running”

Great! You’re half way there 😊 you’re informally meditating which is something we devote a whole class to.

But think high stress meeting, or ‘negotiating’ with the kids. What can you do? … by learning to meditate with some really simple techniques you can quickly bring yourself back to a calmer state at will. Less reaction, better decisions, better outcomes.

Lifeflow Meditation Teachers feature circle

Lifeflow teachers

We have highly qualified and experienced meditation teachers at all courses and retreats, each with a minimum of ten years training with Lifeflow.  Meet our teachers

Has almost completely eliminated my insomnia. I am much happier and enjoying life more.

- Mary, Learn to Meditate course

Less angry when stressed.

- Peter, Learn to Meditate course

Calmer, more equanimeous, less tension, less reactive to stress, happier 🙂 The teacher is a great facilitator and guide.

- Student, Learn to Meditate course

Increased cognition and memory and increased focus.

- Sam, Learn to Meditate course

I feel calmer, more peaceful and more confident I can meet difficult emotions.

- Teresa, Learn to Meditate course