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Learn to Meditate Course

Don’t let stress, sleepless nights, anxiety or physical pain ruin your quality of life. Learn practical effective meditation that is life changing!

Lifeflow Meditation and mindfulness techniques help you to deeply relax, sleep better and provide relief from your constant stress and pain.

You’ll feel better quickly and naturally – our students notice how different they feel after the first Learn to Meditate class or by joining one of the FREE 45 min Come & Try Meditation sessions!

Don’t waste your precious time trying to teach yourself meditation or using an app and not getting the results you want.

We make meditation easy to learn and use in your life – you’ll be surprised how effective short simple meditations can be to find the happier, calmer you – anytime and anywhere.

Over the last 40 years, thousands of people have changed their lives for the better by learning meditation the easy Lifeflow way.

Students report lower levels of anxiety and stress, the relief of being able to get to sleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed, increased levels of happiness and feeling better about themselves.

The secret is our highly trained and experienced meditation teachers, learning in a supportive group environment and relaxing your body as well as your mind.

This is the very best meditation experience in Adelaide!

Join a FREE friendly Come & Try Meditation Class

Learn to Meditate
6-week courses
begin early August
In person + livestream

What everyone discovers in our meditation courses:

  • You can manage your busy mind, sleep better, reduce anxiety and worry and enjoy your life more.
  • Learning the simple skill of meditation is easier and more enjoyable than you’d expect.
  • The benefits are numerous and many participants have described this course as ‘life changing’.
  • Better than an app – you’ll be guided in every aspect and not left wondering if you are ‘doing it’ right.
  • You’ll be supported and guided by an expert meditation teacher who has a minimum of 10 years experience meditating.

You’ll also discover that meditating:

  • Doesn’t have to take a lot of time,
  • You don’t need to believe anything in particular 
  • It can take as little as 30 seconds to feel the benefits using one of several body-scan meditations
  • And it’s easy to practice!

This course is for beginners and experienced meditators alike. It includes everything you need to learn the skill of meditation PLUS tools to take back your well-being and joy.

Join a FREE Come & Try Meditation class and find out how good it feels to relax mindfully!

What kind of meditation is best for you?

Everyone is different, everyone has their own challenges …

This is why at Lifeflow we teach you a whole range of different types of meditations – so you can find the ones that work for you.

We include formal meditations such as:

  • Body scan meditation
  • Breath meditation
  • Movement and body awareness meditations
  • Meditations using guided imagery
  • Mantra meditation

Life is also very busy, so our expert meditation teachers share a range of short mindfulness meditation techniques that are quick and easy to do – taking just seconds to a few minutes. These will help you stay to focused, relaxed and bring your headspace back to the present moment. Anywhere!

Beginners can learn simple mindfulness meditation practices

Stress is fast becoming the major health issue in our modern world. Head full of thoughts, life full of to-dos, not enough sleep, it can all get too much…

The Lifeflow technique has been refined over 40 years to bring the skill of meditation and mindfulness to everyone in a practical, down to earth, uniquely Australian method.

With the guidance of one of our experienced teachers, you can learn to take charge of your mental health and wellbeing, with tips and tools that are immediately applicable to your daily life.

Manage stress, and anxiety, improve your sleep, calm your mind and relax your body.

Curious? Come & Try a meditation class for FREE!

Do any of these sound like you?

“I tried to meditate once but I couldn’t stop thinking”

This is a game changer … listen up everyone … you don’t have to stop your thoughts. This is often a barrier to people trying meditation or trying and thinking they’ve ‘failed’ if their  mind wanders. You’ll gain greater awareness of how your mind naturally works and learn a simple four step technique to allow it to naturally settle. Say goodbye to mental clutter.

“I don’t have time to meditate”

Meditation can be done in as little as 30 seconds – you don’t have to sit for hours to get benefits. At Lifeflow you can learn quick and simple mindfulness meditation techniques that can be used anywhere – at a meeting, dealing with the kids or trying to get to sleep at night. You don’t have to add more to your day, but instead, make better use of what is happening in your day.

“I can’t sit cross legged”

No problem! We teach meditation sitting in chairs as that’s how most of us are used to sitting every day. If you’re really tired we have mats and pillows that you can totally chill out on. Relax, relax, relax … if you want to meditate on a stool we have those too. Something for everyone, your comfort is key.

Learn to Meditate
6-week courses

begin early August

In person + livestream

What benefits you will get out from the learning meditation with us...

Our participants gain so much from doing our classes and many are surprised at just how much they learn during the course. Our meditation teachers will guide you through practical meditations so you can:

  • Find the happy you again.
  • Relieve your sleep problems.
  • Calm your busy mind quickly and easily
  • Improve the health of your body and mind.
  • Take control of your busy life and regain your focus.
  • Let go of stress and anxiety … so you can respond instead of react.
  • Learn to focus onto the present moment to stop your mind from wandering.
  • Meditation and mindfulness that you can use every day in any situation … no matter what is happening.
  • Support each week – have your questions answered and be guided by someone who lives it.

Class formats

Classes are offered in 3 different formats, so you can choose an option that fits with your schedule or lifestyle. 

Learn to Meditate course

Over six enjoyable weeks, you’ll learn the basics of meditation in a relaxed, informal environment.

  • Our expert meditation teachers will guide you through a range of meditations, including body scan, breath, movement, guided imagery, and mantra meditations. Plus you’ll learn practical techniques to manage your emotions and stress in the heat of the moment.
  • Through these practices, you’ll learn how to calm your mind, reduce stress and anxiety, improve your concentration, and sleep and enhance your overall well-being. Our practical, down-to-earth, uniquely Australian approach to meditation and mindfulness makes it easy for anyone to learn and enjoy the benefits of meditation.

  • And with short mindfulness techniques that take just seconds to a few minutes, you can stay focused and relaxed no matter where you are.

    Six classes, once per week, each of 1½ hours’ duration (in-person & Livestream)

    NEW Meditation Made Easy – 1 day Workshop   

    Get all the basics of meditation in a handy 1-day workshop.

  • This is for anyone curious about meditation who are time poor and have a busy life.
  • We’ve created a beginner’s meditation workshop where you will get all you need to start to use meditation and mindfulness techniques in your daily life.

  • You’ll find yourself managing your stress, anxiety and difficult emotions simply and easily with meditation during a relaxing and enjoyable 1-day workshop.

  • You’ll take home a mental health toolbox with a range of practical tools and techniques to help you to remain calm, balanced and relaxed in the ups and downs of life.

    This is a compact version of Learn to Meditate for busy people (in-person & Livestream)

    9.30 am–3.30 pm with 1 hour break for lunch. Morning tea included – find out more here 

    Online Learn to Meditate course (Self paced)

  • Learn the skills of meditation in this comprehensive online course. Incorporating easy to follow video lessons and relaxing guided meditations. Find out more about the online course here.

Learn to Meditate Course fee and what it includes:

  • All sessions led by an expert meditation teacher with a minimum of 10 years experience
  • Lifeflow Life In Balance meditation handbook
  • Calm, contemporary and comfortable studio space
  • Weekly summary emails with a write up of simple mindfulness meditations to try, further tips plus links to online meditations
  • 45 days of access to the Learn to Meditate Online Library – guided meditations for you to practice at home
  • A class recording for each week – with the added bonus of access for up to 3 months after the course has finished!
  • Flexibility of online or face-to-face
  • Check-in with your meditation teacher

Total value $300

Your price:

  • $260 inc GST
  • Concession: $235 inc GST

Book with a friend and save 10%see below for details

For concession pricing:

First check that you are an eligible concession card holder.

Then send a scanned copy by email to

Thank you.

How to attend this course

Never miss a class!

  • Attend an in person class –  if we are unable to run in person classes due to SA Health restrictions we will deliver the class via Zoom.
  • Watch the livestream from anywhere for the duration of your course.
  • Watch a recording  – a recording of a class will be available each week to view at your leisure. Available until 14 days after the end of your course. View at your leisure

How to attend this course

  • Attend an in person class –  in the comfort and calm of the Lifeflow studio
  • Watch the livestream from anywhere for the duration of your course.
  • Watch at your leisure – a recording of a class will be sent in your weekly emails. Added bonus: you can now watch a class recording for up to 3 months after the course has finished!

Never miss a class…

If you are unable to participate in the in-person we are offering the class as a livestream where you will still be able to ask questions and join in class discussion or watch the recording at a time that suits you!

Upcoming learn to meditate courses - book here:

If there is no ‘BOOK NOW’ button next to the course dates you are interested in, either the course is fully booked OR your web browser is not compatible with the booking system. Please call or email if you have any queries and we can assist. (08) 8379 9001 or

Please find all the details by checking our Covid page here.

If you introduce a new friend to one of our Learn to Meditate courses (i.e. someone who hasn’t previously done the Learn to Meditate course), then both of you receive a 10% discount. To be eligible for this discount the two of you must book and pay at the same time. Not valid with other discounts.

Are you an eligible concession card holder? Please check here before booking …

Then send a photo of your card by email to

Are you a full-time tertiary student, Health Care Card recipient or have a Pensioner Concession Card? Love meditation, or want to try it, but a bit strapped for cash? Find out more …

Because so many psychologists were attending our courses we were asked to seek endorsement with the Australian Psychological Society. The APS replied, ‘APS Members can accrue CPD points by participating in CPD activities they determine to be relevant to their individual professional skills, learning plans and goals. These do not need to be endorsed by the APS’. Applicable to Lifeflow courses and retreats.

It is your responsibility to attend the classes as scheduled. If you cancel your booking five clear working days before the course starts, we will give you a full refund less a $25 admin fee. We cannot provide a refund after this time unless the course is cancelled, in which case a full refund will be given.

Never miss a class…

If you are unable to participate in the in-person we are offering the class as a livestream where you will still be able to ask questions and join in class discussion or watch the recording at a time that suits you!

Each week you will be sent an email with a summary of the class, references for further reading in your Life in Balance book and links to online meditations. 

Never miss a class…

If you are unable to participate in the in-person we are offering the class as a livestream where you will still be able to ask questions and join in class discussion or watch the recording at a time that suits you!