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Make meditation easier with a Mentor session

Have you tried meditating but felt like you’re doing it wrong? Did you give up because your mind seemed too busy? Or do you have general questions about meditation and want to explore further? 

A Meditation Mentor session will help with all of the above.

Our Meditation Mentor program is designed to give your personalised advice to help you go further with meditation. It can be for answering general questions, working through difficulties with meditation, or advice on how to build meditation into your life.

Key benefits

  • Overcome common setbacks with individualised training
  • Supports you to establish a meditation practice that is right for you
  • This is a unique form of mentorship which inspires those who recognise that it is essential and much easier to sustain a meditation practice with support and feedback from an experienced teacher.

How it works

During your initial meeting, your mentor will determine your vision and objectives for your practice. They will answer your questions regarding all aspects of meditation, discuss your successes and potential obstacles and help you to develop effective strategies to overcome hurdles.

Start today!

Book a session with one of our Meditation Mentor’s today and let us support you to bring benefits of meditation into your life right now.