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A meditation on loving kindness

in the face of difficult emotions

We love hearing how people are applying the skills and knowledge of Lifeflow Meditation in all the different situations of their lives. It is always a gift to witness the incredible transformations that occur as students in our courses become confident in their practice, build trust in the wisdom of their bodies and notice significant changes in how they respond to life.

Recently we received one such story from a Lifeflow student Karen, and it’s such a wonderful and deeply moving one that we asked for her permission to share it with everyone in our community!

My childhood was an unhappy one, growing up in a household devoid of emotional support.  My mother was narcissistic, and I can never remember having a kiss or hug in my life, rather she seemed to delight in belittling and criticising me.  I felt unseen, unheard, and misunderstood, which affected everything in my life.

When I visited my 96-year-old mother in the UK this year, it bothered me on a human level that I felt no compassion towards her despite her clearly being impacted by dementia and failing health.  I only felt ‘disdain’ towards her.  At Graham’s urging, my practice involved coming down from my head into my heart and living from there.

My mother was hospitalised in December and was not expected to recover.  I did not want to have any lingering anger or regrets, so my meditation practice focused on what I was feeling and where in my body I felt it, and meditating on acceptance, loving kindness and compassion.  During one of my meditation sessions, my body told me to silently roar ‘ahhh’ which was accompanied by a vivid blue light in front of me and my body then told me to repeat this a couple more times.  After this experience I felt free, light, and tender.  Shortly thereafter, my sister rang to tell me that my mother had just passed away and on hearing the news I felt a gentle compassion arising and I was able to let go peacefully.  It was only later when I reflected on my experience that I realised that it closely followed Lifeflow’s instructions on letting go of difficult emotions.

I am immensely grateful to Lifeflow for all the guidance and insights I have received over these last 4 years, and I am keen to continue our association into the future by attending retreats and seminars using livestream, as I live interstate.

Awakening The Heart Advanced Meditation

Thanks so much to Karen for sharing this personal and inspiring experience in the hope that it may help others in a similar situation.

You may like to try this Acceptance and Kindness meditation, which is a lovely way to generate feelings of self-worth and kindness towards yourself. 

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