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Empowering others through mindfulness meditation 

A journey of teaching and transformation

My story is one of hope, compassion, and the power of having the skill of teaching mindfulness meditation. In 2018, I travelled to South Africa to be with my dear friend Judith, who was living with end-stage pancreatic cancer. Not knowing what to expect, I was anxious about how I could be there for Judith and support her during her final days.

However, I was armed with the tools and knowledge of mindfulness meditation teaching, which allowed me to be fully present and accepting of what was to come. By cultivating a deep sense of awareness, I was able to comfort Judith in her last weeks through personalized meditations I had recorded for her. The impact of these meditations was profound, with Judith experiencing improved sleep, reduced fear and anxiety, and a greater sense of gratitude.

For me, this experience was transformative. I felt privileged and honoured to be able to provide such valuable support to my friend, even though we were physically thousands of kilometers apart. It also inspired me to use my mindfulness training professionally, running workshops for schools, community groups, and organizations.

What is meditation?

My teacher training with Lifeflow and my meditation practice has become fundamental to my leadership expectations and underpins the values and behaviours of curiosity, inspiration, self-awareness, and integrity. In my former role as the Mindfulness Lead for Australia and New Zealand, I ran workshops for staff well-being throughout the COVID pandemic.

My story is a testament to the power of learning the skill of teaching mindfulness and meditation to others and the transformative impact it can have on our lives. By cultivating a deep sense of awareness and presence, we can provide valuable support to those around us, even during the most difficult times. And with regular mindfulness and meditation practice, we can tap into a wellspring of compassion and empathy that enables us to be our best selves, both personally and professionally.

I feel deeply grateful to Lifeflow as a student of weekly classes and in this case, for the skills, I am continuing to develop as a mindfulness and meditation teacher.

Dana Bell – Lifeflow student and graduate Teacher Training Level 1 & 2 

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