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Floating in the Sea

Spot meditation

Robyn Walden

Next time you are at the beach you might like to try this lovely spot meditation. It works well in the early mornings on a warm day when the ocean is still with a gentle swell. But it can be done at any time of day if the sea is not rough.

As you enter the water feel the firmness or softness of the sand beneath your feet and the gentle touch of the sea on your skin. Notice the ripples in the water and the movement of the waves. Notice the reflections of the sky and the sunlight on the water, the warmth of the sun or the coolness of the breeze on your skin. You might notice small fish, shells, sea grass or other small animals like tiny crabs under the water. You might like to swim a little before you settle into the meditation. You may also notice the salty smell or taste of the sea.

floating in the sea spot meditation

Now lying on your back let yourself float in the water. Let your body move back and forth with the movement of the sea, feeling the water touching and washing over your skin. Let your muscles soften and relax as you rest in this gentle movement, letting the water hold you and caress you. Open your mind to all the sounds around you. You may notice the call of birds or the voices of children playing on the beach. Let your eyes rest on the sky above you. Allow your body to move with the sea in any way that it wants to move. You may even want to close your eyes if there are no other people nearby and if you feel safe.

After some time move your body in whichever way you choose. You might like to swim, immerse yourself completely in the sea or stand up if the water is shallow and look around you feeling the warmth of the sun caressing your body.  Notice how you feel after this meditation.

Robyn Walden
February 2022

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