Graduate Members Seminars – 2018

Graduate Members’ Seminars are designed for students who have completed Level 4 or attended a minimum of four Level 4 modules.
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The aim of these seminars is to provide a forum whereby members can explore ways of thinking about and integrating meditation into life;  fully and consciously.

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When:Fridays 5:45 – 7:15 pm, four sessions in 2017:
2 March
11 May
31 August
9 November
Who can attend:Members who have completed or have attended at least four modules of Level 4
Price:$20 per session / $15 concession, or,
save and pay just $60 / 45 concession for the year.
Where:Lifeflow Studio

Session One

Points of view. Ways of being. Frames of reference. Outlooks.
Wendy Foster

Friday 2nd March, 5:45–7:15pm

All these expressions can be used in relation to the perspectives that inform our everyday interactions.  Sometimes though, the perspectives informing an interaction may not be obvious – either to ourselves or others – which can lead to confusion or conflict as assumptions are challenged.

In this talk we’ll explore a model of perspective taking, Ken Wilber’s Quadrants, that can help you understand the perspectives you and those you are interacting with may be holding – and how those perspectives are both similar and different.

The session will include practical activities to gain a felt sense experience of the different components of the quadrant model: the individual and the collective, and the interior and exterior.  We will then use the quadrant model to look at the question of ‘What are you looking for from your meditation practice?’ from a variety of different perspectives.

Wendy Foster

Session Two and Session Three

Hallucinating reality, constructing emotion
John Burston

Session Two: Friday 11th May, 5:45 pm–7:15 pm

Session Three: Friday 31st August, 5:45 pm–7:15 pm

Is our experience of reality one grand illusion? What about fundamental emotions like anger or fear, aren’t they inbuilt?

Come along to these two seminars to find out some of the latest ground breaking neuroscience and philosophical developments (aka Predictive Processing) suggesting that we are constructing our experience of reality every moment … it’s not quite as solid as we think, and it’s not so dissimilar to hallucinating. As a part of this we are constructing emotions – even fundamental ones – all through our life. Maybe they are not hard wired at birth?

The first seminar will involve a fun and informative video by Canadian Dr Anil Seth and include some simple practical demonstrations of how much our expectations shape even basic things like our sense of touch.  We will also look at how closely the predictive processing models line up with the classical Buddhist models of the mind (Functions of Consciousness, or skhandas). In the second seminar we’ll focus more on the feeling and emotional side of our moment to moment experience, and how this new model debunks commonly held views of how we experience emotion.

Along the way we’ll cover some highly practical approaches you can use, particularly in navigating your emotional life.

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Session Four

Restorative Yoga Class
Lyall Johns

Friday 9th November, 5:45 pm–7:15 pm

Restorative Yoga is about Letting Go.
Its aim is to nurture body and mind by allowing the gradual release of muscle tension and mental stress while the body is in carefully positioned and supported floor-based postures.
The session’s structure allows time to stretch and soften, weaving its way into the relaxation and release process.

Flexibility is not required: Bring your own body.

Clothing & Equipment:
Please wear loose clothing and bring a bath towel (for soft neck support), a bed pillow (NOT a lounge pillow) and a bolster if you have one.
We can supply a limited number of bolsters. If you have a bolster we'd appreciate you  bringing it along to help out with numbers. When booking, please let us know if you are able to bring your own bolster.
Plenty of yoga mats are available in the studio but feel free to bring your own.
Bookings are essential.
Lifeflow Restorative Yoga

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