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Kurlana retreat bookings

You must have a current membership to be able to complete the booking process. When asked, please logon using the email address that your members updates are sent to. If you can’t remember your password, please click on the Forgot password link and follow the prompts. If you create a new account, then the system won’t recognise you as a member. Thank you.

You will need to allow cookies for this website to complete the booking process.

5 accommodation options & 2 time options

You can directly book five different accommodation options: tenting; back room in the main house; old caravan; new caravan; scrub hut.

And you can book the following times:

  • just the nights of the retreat; or
  • the nights of the retreat plus the night before.

Is a Kurlana retreat right for me?

Please check through the following before making your booking:

  1. You MUST confirm eligibility with a Teacher before making your first booking.
  2. Please ensure you are familiar the Kurlana retreat prerequisites.
  3. These retreats are self catered.
  4. There is minimal undercover accommodation and it is quite basic.
  5. If you are staying for the night before the retreat starts, then you are welcome to arrive from 2 pm on that day.

Find out more about Kurlana members only retreats here.

If there is no ‘BOOK NOW’ button underneath the accommodation option that you are interested in, either the room is booked already OR your web browser is not compatible with the booking system. Please call or email if you have any queries and we can assist.