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About members-only retreats at Kurlana

Kurlana Mallee Sanctuary is an isolated bushland retreat property about 2½ hours from Adelaide, near Waikerie and Barmera, in the Murray Riverland. Incorporating a 1000-acre block of heritage-listed mallee scrub and an early settlers’ cottage on an adjacent property, Kurlana is available for Members only. Here vast horizons and clear, starry skies help open up experiences of deep solitude and calm.

Each year, over the Easter and October long weekends, we offer two members-only retreats at Kurlana Mallee Sanctuary. This page provides background information for anyone wanting to attend these retreats.

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What facilities are at Kurlana?
Where do I stay on the property?

The main building at Kurlana is the old settlers’ cottage. All classes and meals are held here. We have a fully equipped kitchen, with three refrigerators available for food storage. Occasionally we suffer from mouse infestations in this general area, so it is wise to bring non-refrigerated food in containers or zipped bags that will deter mouse foraging. Toilet and shower facilities are located near the old cottage.

We have three undercover accommodation options. There is one small room in the back of the old settlers’ cottage; a second option is staying in a small caravan near the old cottage; the third option is a lovely one room cabin built at the edge of the scrub. If you wish to stay in any of these areas you will need to book well ahead.

Most people staying at Kurlana choose to camp in their own tent. We also have tents on site that you are welcome to hire. We have many camping areas near the cottage, and these provides easy access to the facilities. For anyone who is coming to Kurlana for the first time and staying in a tent, we ask that you camp near the cottage. For later visits you are welcome to camp in the scrub area, provided that you adhere to our guidelines for camping which are clearly displayed in the hallway of the cottage and on the back of the map to Kurlana (provided with our new members joining pack).

Extras to bring if you are camping

To add to the enjoyment of a camping experience at Kurlana, in addition to your normal camping gear, we recommend that you also bring:

  • Torch
  • Fly net
  • Hat and sunscreen
  • If you have a larger tent, then bring that. It’s lovely to be able to sit in your tent to meditate.
  • Comfortable chair – so you can sit outside your tent and soak up the views

You will be able to leave towels and toiletries in the old cottage. You don’t need to bring a camp stove – there is a fully equipped kitchen in the old cottage.

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Nearby accommodation options within 20 minutes drive

Bringing your family? Want a bit more space? Here are some options you may like to consider. The closest are in/near Moorook, about 15 minutes drive from Kurlana:

  • Yatco Holiday Cabins – (08) 8583 9247
  • Orchard River Holidays – (08) 8583 9211

And then a little further out (about 20 mins drive) is Kingston on Murray Caravan Park – (08) 8583 0209.

All of these places are next to the River Murray, so there are plenty of things for your kids to do as well.

Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone

Kurlana Mallee Sanctuary lies in the Riverland in SA.

As of 29 July 2021 you will be fined if caught travelling into the Riverland with these fruit and vegetables. To protect Riverland growers the ‘bring a receipt’ rule is no longer recognised for these.

For up to date information about what you can and can’t do when travelling to the Riverland go to the PIRSA website Fruit Fly page.

Kurlana Mallee Sanctuary lies within the Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone in the Riverland in SA.

In general, you are not allowed to bring a large range of fruit or vegetables into the Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone.

However, you may bring fruit or vegetables which have been purchased in South Australia, but you will need to have an itemised receipt for these. Failure to do so may result in fines and penalties if you are stopped at a roadblock that is checking for fruit fly.

See the the PIRSA website for more information about:

Car pooling... save on resources

Do your bit to save resources! If you are coming up to a Kurlana retreat, and are interested in car pooling, then please send us a note and we’ll see if we can arrange for a few of you to share the ride. It’s a great way to get to meet other members too!

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Kurlana Mallee Sanctuary

Kurlana Mallee Sanctuary

Kurlana Mallee Sanctuary is an isolated bushland retreat property about 2 1/2 hours from Adelaide, near Waikerie and Barmera, in the Murray Riverland.
Member's retreats

Member's retreats

Members' retreats build on what is covered in our public retreats and then take the practises to a much more advanced level.
Discover more about membership ...

Discover more about membership ...

If you are looking to go further with meditation then membership is for you. Enjoy benefits including 10% discount on all courses and retreats, borrowing rights to our library, members only classes, retreats and more.