Values of The Lifeflow Meditation Centre

lifeflow meditation centre values

The Centre has a set of values which provides the basis for its work in the Australian community and for members to act skilfully and develop the quality of wisdom and the capacity to care for others.  The work of the Centre rests on the principles of respecting the individual, the community and the environment.

The Centre’s values encourage acting with love, clarity, integrity and openness in all aspects of our connection with Lifeflow.

When we act with love, we choose to:
• treat others with kindness and respect
• contribute and cooperate within the Lifeflow community and maintain the good name of the Centre
• be of service to others
• use our resources with care.

When we act with clarity, we choose to:
• continue learning as we revise and regenerate our knowledge, and maintain and develop our competency
• acknowledge and respect authority based on knowledge, experience and contribution
• recognise Lifeflow’s need for organisational stability and financial viability and work to maintain and enhance this.

When we act with integrity, we choose to:
• take responsibility for what we say and what we do
• aim for excellence
• exhibit confidence
• maintain our dignity and self-respect.

When we act with openness, we choose to:
• inspire through sharing our knowledge and skills
• express our passion in creativity and innovation
• communicate honestly and mindfully
• conduct ourselves with fairness – knowing, understanding and making explicit the values to which we consent.

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Members' classes

At these members-only classes you have the opportunity to meet other members and explore topics in meditation that may not normally be covered at our city courses.

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Members' retreats

Lifeflow members-only retreats build on the experience that you gain at our public retreats and enable you to go deeper with your practice.

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Lifeflow Library

The Lifeflow Library contains a wonderful collection of over 1000 books and other resources.

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