Music, mandala, rhythm and colour – concert and talk with Graham Williams

This recording is from a piano recital performed by Lifeflow Director, Dr Graham Williams on Sunday 24 September 2017. Graham, a concert pianist trained in Paris, presents his ideas using images and music – a Spectacle sonore et lumineux. Music is the language of emotion, the language of feeling. It plays directly on our bodies as… Read more »

Lake Dreaming – Australian Premiere – Ross Edwards

SOLD OUT Brown and Breen Piano Duo perform Lake Dreaming Premiere performance at the Lifeflow Studio Saturday 18 August 3 – 4:30 pm Refreshments will be served after the concert Members                  $30 Public                         $35/$30 conc. School Students      $20 SOLD OUT     This will be the first performance of this piece and will be the major… Read more »

Relaxed, calm and clear

A checklist for meditation Does your body feel more relaxed? Has you mind settled so that your emotions feel stiller and more calm? Do you have a sense of having more room – of space, of feeling clearer – so that your mind is not so cramped and tight? These are the three signs of… Read more »

The Four Streams of Meditation

Did you know that there are actually four streams in the meditation tradition? They form a complete package containing all the different ways you can apply the skill of meditation. Calm and concentration Calming your mind is where it all starts – finding and holding your mental and emotional balance. Your body relaxes and your… Read more »

3 ways to achieve a calm and focused mind

Lifeflow was recently asked to contribute to an article commissioned by Bupa Life Insurance helping people find ways to achieve a calm and focused mind. The Lifeflow techniques are outlined below, but you can read the entire article, including tips from a number of other ‘expert advisors’ on the Bupa website: Read ‘How to Stay Calm:… Read more »

Emotions and Health

Traditional psychotherapy and medicine have accepted the view that mental and physical health are merely the absence of mental and physical illness. However, following research conducted in the last couple of decades, this view is being overhauled as researchers have discovered that freeing a patient from anxiety leads them, not to being happy, but to… Read more »

Meditation and Health

It’s been known for a long time now that meditating will help keep you in better health both physically and mentally. The scientific literature goes back many years and shows how effective meditation can be both for healing if you are sick, and also for keeping yourself healthy. In fact, because the scientific evidence is… Read more »

Your Emotional Brain

Have you ever wondered about how little emotional training we actually get? I invariably mention this when talking with students and clients because it’s quite an eye-opener to realise that most of us get either very little or none at all. And yet emotions play such a large part in our lives, usually determining how… Read more »

How different meditations suit different people

You would expect a tradition which understands people and the human mind to be very accommodating when it comes to differences. And it is. However, I, and all of the other teachers at the Lifeflow Centre are constantly meeting people who have struggled for years with meditation, finding it difficult or even impossible to meditate…. Read more »

The Skeptical Psychiatrist – a conversation with Dr Jon Jureidini

Listen to a lively discussion (MC’d by Michelle Tatyzo) featuring Dr Jon Jureidini and Dr Graham Williams talking about the use (or over use) of prescription drugs to manage emotional states. All drugs have side effects, do the benefits of a drug intervention outweigh the costs? Are there alternatives to drugs? Can meditation be a… Read more »