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Get some calm delivered directly to your door. Lifeflow has something to suit everyone.

Mail orders close Thurs 9 Dec for deliveries in time for Christmas.
The Lifeflow Studio will be open until 4.30 pm Tues 21 Dec and reopen 9.30 am Mon 4 Jan

Gift vouchers

Lifeflow gift vouchers make an ideal present for any time of year. A voucher can be for any value.

The most popular uses for vouchers are for our Learn to Meditate course and for Weekend retreats. You can also give gift vouchers for Personal Consultations.

In the Flow - meditation book

In the Flow

A collection of articles written over 15 years, In the flow explores all the different aspects of meditation and mindfulness clearly and simply and introduces a new way to approach life wisely, with kindness and compassion.

Life in Balance - meditation book

Life in Balance

Life in Balance is an easy-to-follow, practical guide to meditation that provides everything you need to know about meditation practice from the very beginning to the advanced stages. It is the companion book to our Learn to Meditate course.

Insite and Love Book

Insight and Love

The clarity and concentration that arise out of Lifeflow meditation can be applied to many aspects of our life. Insight and Love does just that, exploring issues such as love, friendship and questions about what is valuable in life – all drawn from the practices of Insight.

Foundations of Mindfulness - meditation book

The Foundations of Mindfulness SOLD OUT

The Foundations of Mindfulness is the Buddha’s original DIY text on the subject. This book presents a new translation of this text, and a practical and critical commentary on it. It is written for people new to mindfulness, for psychologists working in the field, and for anyone that wants to know more about the tradition.

Level 3 - meditation DVD's

Level 3 DVDs

These DVDs are based on the theory component of the Lifeflow Level 3 Meditation course which incorporates the three ways you can use the versatile skill of meditation: for mental, emotional and physical well-being, personal development, and for spiritual growth. Everything taught at the Lifeflow Centre is based on the direct experience of meditation and so is readily accessible and immediately applicable to your life.

Level 4 - meditation DVD's

Level 4 DVDs

Philosophy and neuroscience are now examining the nature of consciousness at a level not previously explored. A key outcome of advanced meditation practice is that you can experience human consciousness directly by seeing how your own mind works. You discover it can be still rather than thinking all the time, which is a fairly common belief in the psychology and academic worlds, and that you can be aware while not thinking. You also discover that thinking is simply your mind moving. These DVDs are based on the theory component of the Lifeflow Level 4 Meditation course.

Crystal prints

Crystal prints

The painting, Crystal, by Garry Duncan is a wonderful Australian version of a classic Tibetan visualisation. It is of a dawn scene on the River Murray, and is unusual in that it is completely balanced. As a meditation visualisation it symbolises the mind and body in a completely balanced state – that deeply relaxed, calm and alert state which you reach through meditation.

Print dimensions: 70 cm x 55 cm
Image dimensions: 57 cm x 43 cm – ie white border on all four sides
Printed on high quality long life card
Each print is personally signed by the artist, Garry Duncan.

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Refresh Meditation Classes

Refresh Meditation Classes

Relax your body and refresh your mind simply and naturally with drop in meditation and mindfulness classes.
Meditation courses

Meditation courses

Check through our range of meditation courses that explore things like mindfulness, neuroscience and decision making within the context of the meditation tradition.