Crystal prints

Garry Duncan, artist

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The painting, Crystal, by Garry Duncan is a wonderful Australian version of a classic Tibetan visualisation. It is of a dawn scene on the River Murray, and is unusual in that it is completely balanced. As a meditation visualisation it symbolises the mind and body in a completely balanced state – that deeply relaxed, calm and alert state which you reach through meditation.

The great gum tree represents the body with its roots deep in the soil and the crown of the tree open to the sky. The river represents the mind or consciousness – still, deep and so clear that it reflects the world around it just like a mirror. As you can see, the tree is reflected in the river, so that there is just as much above the water as is reflected in the water. This too represents the relationship between our conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

In the Tibetan tradition it is called the Refuge Tree because this balanced state is the foundation of our minds – a place of deep peace and bliss.

Crystal prints (signed)

Print dimensions: 70 cm x 55 cm
Image dimensions: 57 cm x 43 cm - ie white border on all four sides
Printed on high quality long life card
Each print is personally signed by the artist, Garry Duncan.

Lifeflow price: $75.00
Postage & Handling: $10.00 flat fee per order



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