In the Flow

Dr Graham Williams

Out now!

“In the flow”

The latest book by Graham Williams

A collection of articles written over 15 years, ”In the flow”  explores all the different aspects of meditation and mindfulness clearly and simply and introduces a new way to approach life wisely, with kindness and compassion.

It will undoubtedly inspire anyone to bring meditation into their lives.

208 pages

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Excerpt from the introduction

In 2003 I received a phone call from the editor of an Adelaide based alternative newspaper that was about to be published for the first time and asked if I would like to contribute a column. I agreed, and so for fifteen years I wrote the column In the flow.

This book is a collection of those articles.

They were written for people who probably had little or no knowledge of meditation, and so I wrote about all the things which I found important and which interested me and I hoped that my readers would enjoy this introduction to the world of meditation.

The topics ranged widely across everything that meditation could possibly be associated with.  They covered the different types of meditation, how our minds and bodies work together, riding difficult emotions, as well as the benefits of using meditation to achieve a balanced emotional state.

They also showed how meditation can be used for physical, emotional and mental health, for our personal development and spiritual growth, and how invaluable it is in managing the stressful situations we find ourselves in both at home and at work.

Because I wrote these articles over such a long period, you will find that I continuously cycle around the themes and practices of meditation as I relate them to the topics I talk about, developing them and looking at them from different perspectives.

I included some of the knowledge and experience of psychology that I had been fortunate to acquire in my life, and I talked about discoveries in neuroscience. I also took the opportunity to present the important role meditation can play in answering the big questions - about human consciousness, love and how we find meaning in life.

Book contents


Prelude                                                                        i

Part 1

From mind to body

  1. What is meditation?
  2. How different meditations suit different people
  3. Coming to your senses
  4. Calm, clear and alert
  5. Going within
  6. Embraced by the spirit of the natural world
  7. Meditating on food
  8. Health and meditation
  9. Retreat
  10. Living body – living now
  11. Meditating on the spot
  12. The power of breath
  13. The many paths of meditation


Part 2


  1. Waves on the ocean
  2. Keeping your balance
  3. Your emotional brain
  4. The body electric
  5. The monkey and the elephant
  6. Living mindfully
  7. Mantra and music – the power of sound
  8. Balancing feminine and masculine
  9. Seeing instead of just looking
  10. To care
  11. The gift of giving
  12. Love and kindness
  13. Letting go


Part 3

Coming home

  1. Being human
  2. Emotions and health
  3. The four streams of meditation
  4. Being awake
  5. Well – being, personal development and spiritual growth
  6. The greatest gift – a path to love
  7. The three bodies
  8. The yoga tantras of meditation
  9. The luminous space of your mind
  10. A feeling for the infinite
  11. Entering the stream
  12. The footprints of your mind
  13. Me and my shadow
  14. The dark night of the soul
  15. Reason, love and will
  16. A cool head and a warm heart
  17. Passion and love
  18. Enlightenment is the beginning

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