Insight and Love

Dr Graham Williams
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The clarity and concentration that arise out of Lifeflow meditation can be applied to many aspects of our life. Insight and Love does just that, exploring issues such as love, friendship and questions about what is valuable in life – all drawn from the practices of Insight.

144 pages

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From the book's introduction:

For the first time you see reality without thinking about it and without any self-referencing whatsoever. Experiencing this for the first time is quite a shock; it’s a revelation which is exhilarating, ecstatic, incredibly simple, a great relief and even hilariously funny.

About the book

Insight meditation produces a state where you see clearly and directly by stripping away everything else. It’s a process of removing all the layers until the core of your mind is revealed – crystalline and clear. Insight is cool rather than warm. It’s for seeing. And this book reflects that state.

The book is composed so that each chapter is followed by an interlude. The essays that make up the interludes were written during the same year, and therefore reflect on the same themes, ideas and experiences outlined in the body of the book.

These short essays can be read separately, or as a commentary on the main text, or can be passed over altogether if you wish. They make the distinction between love and security and follow the theme of letting go; of opening up and consciously learning to be receptive. Their focus is on learning to be instead of always having to do – going 'inwards and downwards' instead of 'onwards and upwards'.

When you experience this, it provides enormous relief, as you discover that the feeling of going in and down accompanies the process of the mind and body regaining their natural balance. Your energies are restored and refreshed. You are completely open to the rich world of your senses and have access to the infinite detail and variety they reveal, which you normally do not notice, and to the world of your intuition.

Book contents

Chapter 1:  Raising the question
Interlude 1: The body as a teacher

Chapter 2:  Why meditation?
Interlude 2: The gift of solitude

Chapter 3:  Preparation – simplifying the life
Interlude 3: Work is the sign of friendship

Chapter 4:  Foundation – sustaining the question
Interlude 4: The question of love

Chapter 5: Calm and concentration – balancing body and mind

Chapter 6: Meditations for developing calm and concentration

Chapter 7: Clear and open – beyond answers
Meditations for developing insight
Interlude 5: The story of the diamond

Chapter 8: Integration, a life of love – going beyond wanting and fear
Interlude 6: Kindness and gentleness



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