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These Lifeflow meditations offer a simple and practical way to get the right balance of mental and physical benefits that can lead to a sense of wellbeing and happiness. With Lifeflow, you can relieve stress, keep your body relaxed, your mind calm and clear, and your natural energies restored and available when you need them.

Total playing time 68:00

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Track listing

Guided meditations led by Lifeflow teachers John Burston and Ann Calvert.

1. Introduction to Physical relaxation exercises (00:45)

2. Physical relaxation exercises (10:36)
Physical relaxation exercises provide effective and gentle ways to let go of the habitual tension which builds up in your body during the day. They only take 4 or 5 minutes to do and are useful techniques to settle yourself quickly before meditating.

3. Introduction to Watching and feeling the breath (1:29)

4. Watching and feeling the breath (10:37)
Watching and feeling the breath moving through your body guides you simply to focus attention on your breath, and to direct its relaxing and nourishing effects into your body and mind. It can bring you to a deeply relaxed state quickly and easily and is particularly useful for those people who naturally like to be still. Through regular attention to the breath, you can experience a greater feeling of being truly alert, alive, and in touch with everything around you.

5. Introduction to Watching and feeling the breath with counting (1:05)

6. Watching and feeling the breath with counting (12:27)
You may find that counting breaths as you watch makes it easier to hold your focus, so try this variation, too. These simple breathing meditations can be extremely effective for helping people with sleeping difficulties.

7. Introduction to Bodyscan meditation (2:26)

8. Bodyscan meditation (10:55)
This is a meditation for mindfulness. It focuses on developing your awareness by watching all the sensations in your body with clarity and detachment – just letting them be. This meditation usually suits those people whose minds are naturally active and who like to visualise.

9. Bodyscan with breathing meditation (17:19)
This meditation combines both the Breathing and tbe Bodyscan meditations. It provides the mindfulness of being aware of all the sensations in your body with the relaxation and restorative quality of the Breathing meditation.



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