The Foundations of Mindfulness

Eric Harrison
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How to relax, pay attention, see what is happening and think clearly, according to the Buddha's original text on mindfulness

The Foundations of Mindfulness is the Buddha's original DIY text on the subject. This book presents a new translation of this text, and a practical and critical commentary on it. It is written for people new to mindfulness, for psychologists working in the field, and for Western Buddhists and scholars who want to know more about the tradition.

223 pages

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Book contents

Introduction 7
Useful terms 17

1 The Standard Meditation Practice 19
2 Anxiety and the Overactive Mind 25
3 The Breath Meditation 29
4 The Miraculous Sigh 36
5 The Bodyscan 40
6 Controlling Thought 48
7 Why focus on the Body? 57
8 Beyond Sitting 66
9 Mindful Action 70
10 Open Monitoring 78

11 Preface to the Translation 87
12 The Foundations of Mindfulness 90
13 Sati: the Analysis of a Word 95
14 How the Sutta works 105
15 Emotion at the Atomic Level 114
16 Painful Emotion 123
17 States of Mind 129
18 Optimising Emotion 138
19 Embodied Thought 149
20 Attention 159

21 The Story of Modern Mindfulness 169
22 How Psychology defines Mindfulness 175
23 How to use the PM Language 182
24 The Scientific Evidence 189
25 The Spirituality of Mindfulness 197
26 The History of Translation 209
27 How to follow the Buddha’s Path 215

References 220
Index 222



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