Breathing the ball - movement meditation

The sequence

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, knees soft.

Visualise centre of imaginary ball at arm length from the centre of your chest. Keep gaze soft or even close eyes if you wish.

Hold imaginary ball at its bottom with your hands about navel level.

On first in-breath, raise your hands around circumference of the imaginary ball so that at the end of the in-breath your hands are at the top of the ball; they should also be above your head level.

On first out-breath, lower the hands back around the circumference of the ball so that at the end of the out-breath your hands are back at the bottom of the ball; i.e. they should be around your navel level.

On second in-breath repeat the raising of hands as before.

On second out-breath, slowly push the ball down as if into the earth. Do so with a soft sigh and slight sinking of the whole body

In between the out-breath and in-breath swiftly return your hands to bottom of the ball around your navel level so that you are ready for your next cycle of two breaths, breathing the ball.


The attitude

Repeat this cycle of two in and out breaths for at least nine times, or longer if you wish.

Allow your breathing to be deep, full and slow. Do not hurry.

Keep most of your attention on the palms of your hands, as if you can actually feel the circumference of the ball

Let your movements be graceful and dance-like.


Courtesy of Ian Nuberg

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