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Ben Dollman - meditation teacher

Ben Dollman

B Mus (Hons) M Env St

Member – Meditation Association of Australia

Ben Dollman joined the Lifeflow teaching team in 2014. Since beginning practising meditation over 20 years ago, it has become a core part of his life and includes regular periods of retreat practice.

As a professional concert violinist, Ben works in high-level performance situations in orchestras and small ensembles. Bringing meditation to this work has enabled him to find practical tools for calm and focus, to change ingrained habits and for managing the highs and lows of an unusual work lifestyle.

Lifeflow Meditation has also revealed skills and richness in many areas in life – through all kinds of relationships, and through acceptance and appreciation of one’s own life and circumstances. Alongside meditation he maintains an ongoing yoga practice and exploration of the Feldenkrais method, and is highly interested in how different movement modalities can complement meditation.

Lifeflow meditation has brought ease and understanding to many aspects of life I used to find difficult. If you want to find some calm and help for navigating life, this really works!

– Ben Dollman

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