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Catherine Gasmier - meditation teacher

Catherine Gasmier

Lifeflow General Manager

Cert in Photography, Adv Cert in Commercial Photography

Member – Meditation Association of Australia

Catherine joined the Lifeflow team in 2014 after eleven years of Lifeflow courses and retreats. She enjoys spending at least two weeks a year on retreat and finds it an indispensable companion to her daily meditation practice. Catherine currently teaches the Learn to Meditate course and weekend retreats, and for many years was a regular teacher on the July 7-day retreat which ‘was an amazing experience – such a beautiful opportunity to share people’s journey on a week-long retreat’.  In addition she has guided meditation sessions for Lifeflow classes, corporate and community sessions. 

Catherine found Lifeflow in 2003 after training for several years in Tai Chi (AATC) and yoga. She knew she had found something of great value and has since been committed to applying the skill of meditation to her work and personal life.  Currently she can also be found at the Lifeflow Studio overseeing all operations as the General Manager.

Catherine also enjoys cooking, spending time with close friends and family and exploring the walking trails and bird life around Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills.

My first contact with Lifeflow Meditation was incredibly calming and with it came a profound sense of relief to find something that worked! I love being able to share that kind of experience with others.

– Catherine Gasmier

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Margie Strathearn

Margie Strathearn

Margie has been a yoga practitioner since 1979 and a teacher since 1982. In 1984 she studied with BKS Iyengar in Pune, India and ran her own yoga academy for over 15 years. Margie teaches yoga classes at the studio and on retreats. She has also completed Certificate in Meditation Teacher Training Levels 1 and 2 and regularly guides meditations.
Nicole Powell

Nicole Powell

Nicole began teaching meditation in early 2015 following ten years of training with Lifeflow. She currently teaches the Learn to Meditate course and Meditation for Children. Nicole finds the skills acquired through meditation invaluable in her daily life and is passionate about sharing those skills with others
Janine Koch

Janine Koch

Janine has been an active member of Lifeflow since 1992 and a teacher since 2012. She has practised meditation for 40+ years, studying with both Buddhist and secular teachers. Janine completed a year-long retreat and undertakes regular retreat work. She teaches the Learn to Meditate course and on weekend retreats, and has a long history of work within the social services sector.