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Ian Nuberg

BScAg, MScAg, PhD

Member – Meditation Association of Australia

With over 40 years meditation practice, study and self-inquiry Ian has a well-seasoned perspective on the many approaches to meditation. He was drawn to Lifeflow Meditation because it easily integrates the unbounded awareness of deep meditation into everyday activity. While most Eastern presentations of meditation practice require particular belief systems and lifestyles, he values Lifeflow as a practical platform for finding one’s authentic self while still fully engaged in family life and career.

He has found knowledge of subtle body energies underlying emotions useful for dealing with life’s challenges, while insight practices illuminating the nature of the mind and self-identity lead to a confidence in life’s priorities.  Meditation practice is the one constant that helps him find balance and meaning in life.

His research interests primarily concern agriculture in developing countries.   His domestic interests are gardening, kayak surfing and piano.

Feel the body to know what’s happening
If you are angry, depressed, frustrated or tired
You are not seeing what is.
Listen to and trust your body
This is where the wisdom is.

Ian Nuberg

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