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Ingrid Lienert Lifeflow Teacher

Ingrid Lienert

BA – Writing

University of New England

Ingrid has been involved with Lifeflow since 2010 and uses Meditation and retreat work as the core of her personal practice, together with creative practice, yoga, psychology, dreamwork and contemplation.

She has taught in various contexts for 25 years including outdoor experiential learning and corporate teambuilding and currently teaches writing and communication at Adelaide University, as well as working independently as an editor.

She began teaching meditation in 2021 – on Refresh classes, Learn to Meditate courses and on Retreats.

She believes that meditation is useful in so many ways within different aspects of life. It is a deeply personal process that evolves over time allowing a profound connection and relationship with yourself and others. It builds trust in the body, develops self-respect and helps to bring more of ourselves into view – enabling a deeper level of honesty, genuine acceptance and also lessening fear.

Ingrid has a special interest in the inner life and creative essence of the feminine and has attended several trainings with Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes – a Jungian psychoanalyst. poet and cantadora (keeper of the old stories) in Colorado, USA. Dr Estes’ work uses clinical and developmental psychology, as well as archetypal psychology and cross-cultural stories for healing and transformation. This work complements her meditation and informs much of her personal approach to life.

Meditation has taught me compassion, patience, my own wild nature and probably the most useful thing has been how to breathe in the beauty of life and distil gifts out of the pain… often at the same time

– Ingrid Lienert

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