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Nicole Powell

BA, Grad BE, BHSc

Member – Meditation Association of Australia

Nicole began teaching meditation in early 2015 following ten years of training with Lifeflow. Her interest began after a series of traumatic fatal accidents in her work as a paramedic. It became apparent that despite many years of tertiary education, she felt ill equipped to deal with the poorly understood emotional fallout of these experiences. Lifeflow meditation supplied many of the answers that she sought. This has thoroughly enriched her life and she is passionate about passing the skills of meditation on to others.

Nicole understands the importance of developing resilience and emotional strength in our children, and brings what she has learned to her teaching and writing for children and parents. After many years of working with children, Nicole became concerned at the lack of emotional education they receive. She has since published a series of books titled 'The Bounce Back Series' written to equip primary aged children and their parents with the skills they need to effectively manage the common pitfalls of the schoolyard.

Along with her qualifications in Education and Health Sciences, Nicole is furthering her post-graduate studies in psychology and family counselling. She shares her life with a wonderful husband and two young daughters and provides respite foster care for two children. Other activities include rescuing and rehabilitating native wildlife and volunteering for the RSPCA. In her spare time she enjoys writing, hiking and spending time in nature.

The most inspirational thing about meditation is that the intense pain associated with emotional conflict is optional. The freedom when the emotional chains fall off is immense!

Nicole Powell

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