Lake Dreaming – Australian Premiere – Ross Edwards


Brown and Breen Piano Duo perform

Lake Dreaming

Premiere performance at the Lifeflow Studio

Saturday 18 August

3 – 4:30 pm

Refreshments will be served after the concert

Members                  $30

Public                         $35/$30 conc.

School Students      $20




This will be the first performance of this piece and will be the major work in the concert with Ross Edwards in attendance. This will provide an opportunity for Ross and Lifeflow Director Dr Graham Williams to talk about the piece before the concert and for everyone to celebrate Ross’s 75th year.

About Lake Dreaming

Australian composer Ross Edwards has written the piece Lake Dreaming for Lifeflow and the piano duet, Bonnie Brown and Louisa Breen, who gave such a successful concert for us in 2016. It’s a meditation piece for two pianos which captures the different moods, the mirror-like quality, the lights and reflections of a lake.

Here is how Ross describes the piece:

“As I worked on this piece, the image of a lake and its abundant symbolism seemed to match the contemplative nature of the music that was unfolding. A lake’s surface is often likened to a mirror which reflects an image of self-contemplation. Lakes have always beguiled poets and intrigued psychologists, for whom they are likely to represent creativity and the unconscious.”


Brown and Breen in concert Lifeflow Studio 2












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