Easy physical relaxation exercises

If you can do at least some of these simple exercises before doing any of the longer meditations you'll usually enjoy your meditation experience far more. They can even be used as short mindfulness exercises in their own right.


Shaking out the body 

Start by gently shaking the left foot, calf and thigh.

Then shake out the right foot, calf and thigh.

Then the hands and arms.

Then the whole body.



Loosening Shoulders

Rotate each shoulder three times, forwards and then three times backwards.

Then rotate both shoulders together, three times forwards and three times backwards.


Shoulders and Neck  (Spot Meditation)

Pull your shoulders up tightly. Breathe in as you pull them up. Then take your shoulders back a little. Then let them drop down slowly while breathing out.


Neck Stretch

Link the fingers of both hands.

Place them on the back of your head.

Drop your head forward.

Use the weight of your hanging arms to gently stretch the back of your neck.



Neck Massage (Spot Meditation)

Take your right hand and use the heel of your palm and your fingers to grip your neck and massage into it. Use this massage each time you get out of your chair at work.


Swinging from Side to Side

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and with your knees slight bent. Then swing your body from side to side, letting your arms swing loosely so as to pull body with them.

This massages the muscles on either side of the spine and helps to balance your body.


Yoga Massage

Make a fist with your right hand and tap your body lightly just above the sternum. Then continue tapping over the left shoulder and the side of the neck, down the inside of the left arm, up the outside. Then change to the left hand and repeat on the right of your body. Then with both hands tap lightly all over the front of your body, into the backside and lower back, and finally down the legs.

Open your hands and cup the fingers and tap lightly with the fingertips all over the sides and back of the neck and all over the head.


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